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  1. Thanks ShrewdPixel, ill be looking to jump back into the game and make some more updates (working life and a baby have certainly taken up lots of time!). Appreciate you taking a look over the game, definitely agree the directional aim will add some more fun to the gameplay so ill look to add that in see how it goes. Cheers for the code snippet too! LS.
  2. Thanks for pointing out. I have the canvas set to 620px high and 900px wide so the browser should display a scrollbar when the viewport cant display everything it needs in one go. Its not great having to rely on the scrollbar in my opinion so i may move the stats box on the left to win back more vertical space for desktop gameplay. Im currently working on a mobile friendly version so i will probably touch on canvas rendering for different screen sizes as part of that work. Ha yes i might create a 'scary' mode actually, make the theme scarier / darker, and see if i can throw in some strange things to make it a little more interesting. Cheers 8Observer8.
  3. Thanks for this I hadn't actually seen it in the Mozilla doc, looks great and just what I'm after. Cheers for sharing. LS.
  4. Hi Thanks for checking out the game. Thats weird i haven't seen that before, was it the bottom or top row? What browser was you using? I have found it works best in Chrome, but Firefox and Edge also appear to work. Feel free to take a screenshot, would be interesting to see if i can replicate. Cheers. LS.
  5. Thanks for the post appreciate you going into so much depth! I wanted to get the game working on mobile devices for day of release but decided against and thought best to add post-release. Hadn't considered mouse support but sounds a good idea to supplement the keys. Cheers yeah I'd like to make some enhancements, mobile as mentioned above, different themes so not Xmas (which made sense considering the release date) and toyed with the idea of save game files to import/export on different devices, I'm using browser local storage so shouldn't be too tricky to implement. Its all hand coded but used Mozilla tutorials (massive thanks to them for such awesome tutorials and documentation). I decided to use a different code style (function expression over function declaration) as a challenge and means to learn so am chuffed with that. Its quite inspiring to get something finished to be honest, iv looked briefly at Phaser and Babylon, but fancy the new version of Phaser as its ES6 style (so I get to learn that plus the engine). I really like the idea of power ups, like you say it does get a bit repetive when waiting for the ball to navigate toward the bricks. I agree the ball movement could be better as feels a little stiff, so I'll try power ups to add some more dimension. I considerd the idea of a 'rumble' feature which would alter the balls path, I kind of thought it would be similar to a pinball machine. Thanks for the link to the article I haven't checked it out yet but iv read a few on Gamasutra and usually really good. If you have any links to your Breakout / others feel free to pass on. Have you any experience with Phaser / other engines? Thanks again for taking the time to feedback, really helpful. LS.
  6. Hi all I shall be looking to make enhancements such as mobile friendly game play and 'non-seasonal' mode. If anyone has ideas on what enhancements they would like, feel free to get in touch. Thoughts and feedback more than welcome : ) LS.
  7. Hi all I have a question on hot to make a desktop browser game mobile friendly, ie, be able to use touch gestures. I recently published my Breakout based browser game: And now I plan to make a few enhancements starting with making the game mobile friendly, so i will need the ability for user's to have touch interaction.) As this game was built using vanilla JavaScript, are there any libraries or tutorials that anyone could recommend? Thanks. LS
  8. About Christmas Breakout - Snowman edition (available on is the classic Breakout game decorated with Christmas festivities (including the projects mascot 'Snowman'). In a nutshell, Breakout is a game where you hit a ball with a paddle and aim to destroy bricks that lay above. The balls trajectory changes during game play so lining up the paddle in time to strike is where the challenge is set. Aim for a high score but beware the ball moves pretty fast as you level up! How to play Use your keyboards left and right keys to move the paddle. Clicking the Restart level button will reset the bricks and score you have achieved for that level. Clicking the Reset to level one button will reset the game back to level 1. When you have completed a level, click the Next level button that appears to move onto the next level. Note The game runs best using Chrome.