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  1. I got another suggestion from someone. That since all my games are in Flash (Animate). Its a good idea to use Haxe to convert the games into HTML5. The games need not be completely re-coded. What is your opinion about Haxe? Do games coded in haxe work smoothly ?
  2. I did not know about TypeScript. Will research about it.
  3. If we are using phaser - should we use phaser 2 or phaser 3?
  4. From what I understood from your message is that you are conveying that we should be probably using phaser as it will work well for mobile web also.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I did not understand what you are trying to say here - For school deployed educational resources perhaps it is unwise to under prioritise mobile-web and Chromebooks?
  6. Yes, I am trying out a few games in Unity just to be sure. I have already got phaser games done and they work fine. Am really hoping that Unity works because in any case I want to port my existing games to unity and this will save me quite a lot of time and money.
  7. Hi, We have built many kids apps till now and published on google play and iOS app store. Now I wish to create a website with the kids games. I expect about 75% of the users to be from desktop/tablet/chromebooks. 25% visitors will be from mobile browsers. Here is a small video which shows the games I have two options of conversion into HTML5. 1) Phaser 2) Unity (I prefer this because this gives me the unity build also- so it kills two birds with one stone). The problem with Unity is that it does not support Webgl in mobiles. But I tested a few games and they work OK on my android device. I know that Phaser will probably give better performance in mobile browsers, but with Unity I get the advantage of being able to use the codebase later on with other projects. Is this a bad compromise to make? But I still need your opinion especially of experienced people in this. Which is the way to go - Phaser or Unity? Thanks and Regards
  8. Hi, Thanks for your reply. The only reason I am trying to find alternatives to adobe air is to hedge my bets in case adobe does decide that they are not going to support AIR any longer. I am not planning to port out my existing apps. I just wanted to have a tested alternative since almost my entire business is based on apps made from Adobe Air. When you say state of web platforms in 2018, I did not understand this part. Do you mean it positively?
  9. Currently all the code of the mini games is in the main code base. I just download graphic assets for every game. Do you think html5 is evolved enough to support simple physics/platformer games in android or ios?
  10. I was trying to build a phaser game into an app. But it was lagging horribly in android. Is there some showcase/list of apps that have been made in html5? About your question in 2) I am trying to make an app which will have multiple mini games. Something like boredbutton.
  11. 1. Yes, I use animate cc to make apps using adobe air. 2. The last post by adobe about the roadmap was in june 17 when they decided to EOL flash. They promised a roadmap and it has not been uploaded till now. In any case I dont wish to base my business around one proprietary technology which is in the hands of someone else. The least I can do is hedge my bets. 3. Planning to do both. Upload on both web/browser and native/app stores. Native app stores are the main source of business. 4. Currently looking to port my games to something else. So looking at something which is easier to port. 5. Because vectors give less file size and can scale. 6. No emergency - just wanted to have my options clear in case adobe no longer supports air. I understand that there is no clarity if that will happen but still want to get insurance.
  12. Also any clue what platform must boredbutton have used to package the app? Apache cordova /phonegap or any other?
  13. Can you guide me to the google developer link where they have said that they recommend one game per app? Even I was planning to make a multi game app.
  14. Hi, I have built a mini games app in Adobe Air (in iOS and Android). It features lots of swf animations and lots of games. Now since the future of Adobe Air is circumspect. I want to hedge my bets by rebuilding the games in another platform which has a better future outlook. I had a few questions: 1) Which platform is better for building an app- OpenFL or Phaser ? I found OpenFL online which seems to be the best way to port flash games into html5. 2) Can I have a multi platform app in which suppose 100 games are there - 50 made in Phaser and 50 made in OpenFL? 3) I had read in one website that Phaser is not good for resolutions above 600x400 px. Is this true? 4) Since we want to support all resolutions in Android and iOS- we need vector graphics (the core strength of AIR). Do Phaser/CoreFL support Vector? Thanks, Nish