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  1. Thanks for your comment , The game has sound effects but because I uploaded it on a free website . I could't upload the .mp3 or .ogg files. I did't think too much in the name as it was my first project. In my next game, I will think of a good name .
  2. Thanks, but I think that the topic is talking about sponsorship for an app store game and he is emailing big publishers and I am emailing for a html5 game licence (non-exclusive and exclusive ) for small publishers (who should have more time to respond than bigger one ) .
  3. Hi, My first html5 game made with gms2 called "The shape of color" . please,give me your feedback. Did the tutorial was good? game link : https://theshapeofcolor.neocities.org/ I hope you enjoy it
  4. great game . I got stuck in level 4. the tutorial should have less text and be more interactive . and the path for each ball should be for the 10 seconds only. that is it but I really loved the game .
  5. Hello, I am a newbie as you can see. I sent emails to 8 publishers(small publishers) for a html5 game license and no one responded for two days now . Does they only respond when they like the game?or I should wait for a week or two. Thanks for your time and I am waiting for your answers.
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