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  1. Also, this solution allows for two keys pressed at the same time for diagonal movement. @BitOfGold Look forward to seeing something!
  2. @Pryme8 @Wingnut @Raggar So, I've been fiddling around with the examples that you've shown me. The problem with the physicsJoint solution is that my game relies on a "player vs gravity" mechanic and having that extra invisible mesh, while cool, presented more challenges than it solved. All of the "move mesh x distance" solutions really didn't serve my game mechanic. What seems to have worked the best is over-riding the default OS keypress delay, since it f**ks with my core mechanic. With my own key repetition delay (based on time) I can finesse the controls. You can see th
  3. That was me Pryme!! Wow Raggar, that's awesome that you just jumped right in! I'll definitely be looking at this for inspiration in the next step. + all the notes from Wingnut. <3
  4. Lots to check in all of that. I'll be sure to explore it. Player controls are a very specific beast. Here's another question: What sort of gameplay elements would you consider cool? I like the idea of building up mass as you accelerate, that would be great for the multiplayer element. Maybe having your color change/intensify as you accelerate/gain mass, that would be badass. I'm also thinking of maybe including a "radial physics explosion power" that is built up based on some sort of factor, like gathering three glowing gems or something. This would also force interactivity
  5. Thanks Wingnut, Please weigh-in on the player movement at the new thread. It is our current issue. Everyone's thoughts are appreciated!
  6. Thanks everyone! It's been great having a community. Here was the solution: import * as GUI from 'babylonjs-gui'; BABYLON.GUI = GUI; We had to rename it to fit into the examples given. check out the current incarnation at http://aaronjanke.com/ballGame/ Github: https://github.com/ballAndBoardInc/ballGame I created a new thread for my next issues, please weigh-in over there with your insight! New thread:
  7. Hi! Thanks for joining me from my previous thread or if you're new here! Previous thread: MAJOR GOAL: Create a multiplayer game using websockets. GAME CONCEPT: Attempt to be the last ball surviving as other balls and environmental effects attempt to knock you off the platform. STATUS: Finessing the single-player version where it is just player vs. environmental effects. Check out the current incarnation of the single-player game here: http://aaronjanke.com/ballGame/ Github: https://github.com/ballAndBoardInc/ballGame CHALLENGE #1 Currently, I'm lookin
  8. Hey thanks! I've figured out a couple things related to this, but now I'm having a new issue trying to get the GUI to work. Currently getting this error when I try to reference gui. I've also tried using the NPM version etc etc... nothing seems to work. I've looked in the forums too. Thoughts? babylon.gui.min.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Object prototype may only be an Object or null: undefined at setPrototypeOf (<anonymous>) at __extends (babylon.gui.min.js:1) at babylon.gui.min.js:1 at t.GUI.t.GUI (babylon.gui.min.js:1) at t (babylon.gui.min.js:
  9. Hello, relatively new to game/3D design. I'm building a game of survival: a constant flow of objects keeps falling around your ball while you attempt to stay on a platform. I've got two things I'm working on: 1. I'm trying to give the user some sort of control over the ball. Either with mouse or keyboard. 2. I'm currently looking for a solution for my game world boundaries. Currently, the objects just bounce and keep falling forever (which I imagine isn't very memory efficient), also, if your ball falls off the platform, I'll need a way to generate a "lose scenario", like p
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