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  1. NoaDev

    Mini Switcher

    Thanks! About the difficulty, it was hard to introduce new enemies and build the difficulty at the same time because it was very short, so probably I messed up with some obstacles. I'll build over this base to make a better and longer game in the future.
  2. NoaDev

    Mini Switcher

    Thanks, guys 😁 Well, people at Kongregate are the ones that decide which games will get that kind of achievements after a while; but, taking in account how my game is performing on the site, I'll hope it gets one.
  3. Just a little game that I made:
  4. Cute game. I like the graphic style (except the background).
  5. The boomerang killing the ninja really takes me by surprise took me by surprise XD. Cute game.
  6. As others point out some characters don't work (in my case was ' ). Its a good concept, but the art style needs some work, also the level is very large an it gets boring after some time... and the difficulty takes a big jump in the boss fight.
  7. Cool twist over the tetris formula. Good job.
  8. Thanks for the comments = )
  9. Hello, I just start in this forum and I want to share my game with us; I finish it the past mounth: Armorgames: Android Store: Any feedback is welcome = ). PD: The game was made in C with Emscripten. I need to remove the android store link in this case?