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  1. Hello Designers, I am a software developer who is also interested in drawing and graphics design. Thats why I know a good design requires profession. I am looking for a partner to make HTML5 games and earn some money. Attached images are the works I done (Yes I made the graphics) so I am expecting a better designer than me.
  2. Graphics could be better I seriously recommend you to work on graphics, making 300 levels is a serious effort.
  3. Thank you, I did search but it seems I lacked that ability.
  4. Thanks! I consumed all of them already. I am able to do illustrations like Gigantic's but the ones I am looking for is in the graphic river link I gave. I think it is not something you can learn from a book but they must learn it from somewhere...
  5. I like typing games, I liked that too. dying is terrible in this game.
  6. Hello guys I am interested in illustration for a while and applying core color and shape principles, I am able to do few things very well and I am sufficient for my games. But I want to improve myself and sadly, no one answers my questions these days, I sincerely hope you will. The guidance I need from you is, do you know any books to learn how to make game illustrations ? I am trying to figure out few things by reverse engineering but graphics like https://graphicriver.net/item/feed-the-fox-gui/17960935 is way beyond my level yet I am mesmerized by it and want to learn how to
  7. I suggest you a vector illustration software for such task.
  8. It was very engaging, I found myself at level 21 suddenly.
  9. Serves well to its purpose, a good mini game.
  10. you should work on that.
  11. I had great fun. How do you think you can expose your game to broader userbase ?
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