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  1. So that's a way of saying, that there is no reliable way to use videos with masks? Do you know of any work-around practice? 😕
  2. I'm trying to place an animated video mask over a video, which should be synced. I manage to start them at the same time, but unfortunately the playing speed is not in sync. I did some googlin' and doodlin', but only answer I got, that it's pretty much impossible to sync videos in JS. What's Pixi' take on this? Since this is all drawn to canvas, is there a way to sync mask and video?
  3. I'm struggling with giving a Geom a Matter body, or with updating graphics according to matter bodies movement. I'm trying looping through all my Geoms, created from all my matter bodies, and then updating each with the position of the matter body and drawing it in to the graphics, but the results performance is really bad. Can anyone please provide me with an example? I found none at labs.phaser.io Thanks!