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  1. Yes, Xbox is definitely not the one to blame here. HTML5 games are supported by Windows 10+ by running it as - what they call - a Windows Store App, or UWP for Universal Windows Platform app. I'm not a very big fan of Microsoft, but we've to admit they did a very good job with this on serving cross-platform applications. If you build an UWP app, then this one will work on any Windows 10 device like a PC, phone, or tablet and even the Xbox. Here is a quick-start development guide for UWP game apps: I haven't developed for UWP yet, but I already plan to do so for my next game.
  2. +1 for Aseprite! Really handy, and Pixel Art-focused. I also love the animation features. Another really useful tool I found out is Audacity. Which is free. I use it mostly to compress my song files - from 1.5 Mo to 250 ko, as example.
  3. We’ve recently set up an open petition on to ask Nintendo to do something for HTML5 games. I highly recommend you to take a look at this: - Every signature could make the difference.