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    Organising Code

    Hi everyone thanks for all your posts. I've finished making the game and was wondering if anyone would like to look at the code and tell me what i can improve on. everything was a stab in the dark so don't expect it to be good xD Also can anyone tell me how to scale the scale to fit different screen sizes? i would love to be able to share this with some of my friends on their phones GAME LINK: https://github.com/SeanBurns221/Pixi.js-Game
  2. Zyie

    Organising Code

    Thanks for your help. Do you know how to create a class for PIXI.Text? Setting the position, anchor ect for every text looks really messy
  3. Zyie

    Organising Code

    @ivan.popelyshev Not going to lie i have no idea what most of that sentence meant xD I am very new to coding (only experience with c++ for a few months) and was just wondering how people set out the game structure since everything i have is in one file
  4. Zyie

    Organising Code

    Hi, so I'm very new to Pixi.js and javascript, coming from a c++ background I am lost without my classes. Can anyone explain to me what a basic template should look like for starting a Pixi.js game and you guys go about organising the code into separate files? I currently have one big blob of code in a single file, as all the tutorials i found only use one. Any help you can give will be much appreciated. edit: so i finished the game i'll leave a link and any feedback on the code would be helpful also does anyone know how to scale the size of the renderer for different screen sizes? GAME LINK: https://github.com/SeanBurns221/Pixi.js-Game