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  1. hi i am new find an article that tell me prefer use the BABYLON.InstancedMesh to make more mesh however ,i see other code that use mesh.clone what are those two function difference ? in what situation ,we use it? thanks
  2. @MackeyK24 can you help me ,how to use the unity exported file
  3. hi i use unity create a simple scene one cube,sphere and plane bake the scene then use the export toolkit get three files .babylon file .manifest file and the bake light png picture file i drag the .babylon file to the sandbox , the web page show not as in the unity i check the tutorial in http://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/load_from_any_file_type still have no idea how can i import the babylon file and the png file make them work now i do not know how to use it can some help me? regards
  4. thanks now i know the decompose() suage regards @Deltakosh
  5. hi i get confused by the function Matrix decompose() api in this tutorial https://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/frame_of_reference i know mesh has its world matrix and its local frame of reference after apply some transform ( position, rotate and scale) whenever we want to get the mesh`s world matrix we can call mesh.getWorldMatrix(true); right? and i see lots of people use decompose() function after i checking its usage i thought the decompose() is for decompose a matrix like the mesh world matrix to get how the mesh be transformed that is to say how a identuty matrix [ BABYLON.Matrix.Identity()] be position, rotated and scaled by using decompose(scale?: Vector3, rotation?: Quaternion, translation?: Vector3) we can get those three components am i right ? till i see some people use it in this way m.decompose(BABYLON.Vector3.Zero(), BABYLON.Quaternion.Identity(), position) that make me confused how can i set the components the scale set to BABYLON.Vector3.Zero() the rotation set to BABYLON.Quaternion.Identity() can some one tell me why? and how the matrix decompose() exactly the correct usage regards
  6. hi @JohnK https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#MWYX7P#2 in the code line 30 focusTarget.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 0); even i comment it ,it works the same or i modify the Vector3(0,0,0) to Vector3(-10,-10,-10) it change nothing looks like the focusTarget TransformNode`s position can not be changed
  7. hi thanks wingnut for your so quickly reply your code works in ArcRotateCamera very well however in my game i want use the ArcFollowCamera in this way ,it will more simply to fix the player view here is the simple playground: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#MWYX7P as you can see the target box is always fixed at the center of screen in the line 46 after i add camera.target = camera.target.subtract(new BABYLON.Vector3(-3, -10, 0)); it show an error Line 46:43 - camera.target.subtract is not a function all i want is .the target box in the left bottom of the screen as the picture show .or any other position i want something i code wrong? is there any api function i can use for it ? regards
  8. hi i am new to babylonjs,this is the first post i made. my problem is that i make a camera,no matter the ArcRotate Camera ,FollowCamera or ArcFollowCamera the target mesh just fixed the position in the center of the screen that is very good for lots of game however i just want to make my game the target mesh a little offset at the center of screen like :at the middle bottom left screen. or any other position i want is there a simply way or a api to make it ? thanks