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  1. hi i am new find an article that tell me prefer use the BABYLON.InstancedMesh to make more mesh however ,i see other code that use mesh.clone what are those two function difference ? in what situation ,we use it? thanks
  2. @MackeyK24 can you help me ,how to use the unity exported file
  3. hi i use unity create a simple scene one cube,sphere and plane bake the scene then use the export toolkit get three files .babylon file .manifest file and the bake light png picture file i drag the .babylon file to the sandbox , the web page show not as in the unity i check the tutorial in http://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/load_from_any_file_type still have no idea how can i import the babylon file and the png file make them work now i do not know how to use it can some help me? regards
  4. thanks now i know the decompose() suage regards @Deltakosh
  5. hi i get confused by the function Matrix decompose() api in this tutorial https://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/frame_of_reference i know mesh has its world matrix and its local frame of reference after apply some transform ( position, rotate and scale) whenever we want to get the mesh`s world matrix we can call mesh.getWorldMatrix(true); right? and i see lots of people use decompose() function after i checking its usage i thought the decompose() is for decompose a matrix like the mesh world matrix to get how the mesh be transf
  6. hi @JohnK https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#MWYX7P#2 in the code line 30 focusTarget.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 0); even i comment it ,it works the same or i modify the Vector3(0,0,0) to Vector3(-10,-10,-10) it change nothing looks like the focusTarget TransformNode`s position can not be changed
  7. hi thanks wingnut for your so quickly reply your code works in ArcRotateCamera very well however in my game i want use the ArcFollowCamera in this way ,it will more simply to fix the player view here is the simple playground: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#MWYX7P as you can see the target box is always fixed at the center of screen in the line 46 after i add camera.target = camera.target.subtract(new BABYLON.Vector3(-3, -10, 0)); it show an error Line 46:43 - camera.target.subtract is not a function all i want i
  8. hi i am new to babylonjs,this is the first post i made. my problem is that i make a camera,no matter the ArcRotate Camera ,FollowCamera or ArcFollowCamera the target mesh just fixed the position in the center of the screen that is very good for lots of game however i just want to make my game the target mesh a little offset at the center of screen like :at the middle bottom left screen. or any other position i want is there a simply way or a api to make it ? thanks
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