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  1. ..hi guys...im happy to let you know that for my project, cryptocurrency game, im using Pixi, for all pony animations as well as all mini games available to users, which will be released as part of the project. I hope you like it. :) Linky -> : https://myetherpony.io
  2. ..just finished animation and tests on placeholders(forest image is not mine, im using it as a reference only) ..more to be shared soon..
  3. ..hi guys..i hope you are all doing well..this time i have 2 questions.. 1) How to force browser to go maximized size 2) How to force browser to go to fullscreen Thank you very much.
  4. ..hi guys.. Im following tutorials from here http://pixijs.io/examples/#/basics/basic.js and i cant see any examples with how to load/manage sound in PIXI. Can you point me in right direction, please. EDIT: I got it here..http://pixijs.io/pixi-sound/examples/index.html
  5. ..hi guys.. ...what would be a way to 'mirror' Spine created character ?? Basically if character need to move right-left, how would i flip it so its facing direction of motion(along X axis) ??
  6. hi Ivan. Well...how to say this..it works, and it doesn't work at all (everything stuck/freeze), which is a random thing. I thought its because im trying to access loaded entity handler, before is actually loaded. So, i have created new loader for every loaded spine animation and added 'once' so i will trace when its actually loaded ANIMATION_LOADER.push(new PIXI.loaders.Loader()); ANIMATION_LOADER[ANIMATION_LOADER.length-1].add('character', spineJSON_filename).load(onAssetsLoaded).once('complete',this.complete,this); ..so, onAssetsLoaded looks like this function onAssets
  7. Hi guys.. Im trying to load multiple SPINE animations and each store in an array. Problem is that, i cant access loaded SPINE animations created as an array inside onAssetsLoaded function. Arrays are defined outside of onAssetsLoaded function, which is why im confused. Here it is.. var ANIMATION_SPINE=[]; //declared outside of any function ..then i load animated character like this, PIXI.loader.add('character', spineJSON_filename).load(onAssetsLoaded); ..and onAssetsLoaded function looks like this.. function onAssetsLoaded(loader,res) { ANIMATI
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