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  1. I love these games too, I think poker would be a great addition!
  2. I thought I would write a quick article on how some game developers have integrated their games into one of our websites. This is how we would offer your games (if you had a casino or skill type game to offer). If you are looking to build your own betting games visit: License your betting games If you take a look at the Sun7Lottery website: Buy Lottery Tickets This sites main genre is the procurement of real lottery tickets. This has nothing to do with HTML5 games however it was never the less put together by a game developer who plugged it into a global procurement agent. This in its own right is fascinating, the procurement agent is either plugged directly into official APIs or is hardwired into official terminals. Now the website consists of a number of items: Our wallet (top right corner), this is just a bit of js that launches the wallet from our main application. The website uses a UUID to identify the merchant. Instant poker games (top right) and below that, slots by SGS (more flash). Below those, you will find slots by InBet which are HTML5 games. In the center of the page below the lottery games are a mix of flash and HTML5 based games. Flash Games (I know...) This developer we met at ICE in London in 2016. They are in the process of moving games from Flash to HTML5, they are popular never the less. My favourite is their blackjack table game. HTML5 Games We met these developers via forums just like this one a number of years back and they produce some excellent HTML5 games. Most of their games are betting styled so you do not actually play them, you simply bet on the outcome. Their most popular game is virtual dogs for some reason. How the games are launched The games are hosted on the game developer servers and our system delivers them to our skins via simple wrappers. So, when you click on the gameplay button, it launches the game into a model and authenticates the user. If you are opting for fun play, your account will be credited automatically and if you are opting for real money play you will be taken to our wallet to either deposit or transfer funds. Application as a skin Essentially the page is a skin with no moving parts. All that stuff happens separately in wrappers and third-party game engines. What makes this really cool is that if we want to change the site to a completely new look and feel, we build it locally and once complete, delete the old one and dump the new one in. Our first iteration of sites where NG based however due to SEO difficulties these have been changed to HTML / PHP using ZF. How does this help you as a game developer? As a game developer, you have complete autonomy over your environment (we do not micro-manage you). Once your game is built and hosted, we connect to it via an API and deliver it to clients through our platform. We have an accounting system that manages your game stats so not much further you will need to do other than build and integrate the game. Want to integrate into our platform? If you have a game you would like to integrate, let us know - would love document a game integration for the community.
  3. Hi Ruchir, Yes, you can get a gambling license for your game, if you want to do this directly, have a read of the following posts Curacao remote gambling license / Maltese remote gambling license to get an idea of costs. If you wanted a simpler system, then I would suggest using which would provide a white label gambling license and casino solution as well as the underlying wallet system. It is pretty easy to integrate into it and it makes no difference if the game is P2P or Sports Betting. I trust this answers your question.
  4. This is definitely my favourite one: Will pass on your sounds to the devs we work with...
  5. Hi Jensdj, Thank you for your question, it is a good one. We operate off a Curacao gambling license and this allows us to operate in a wide variety of jurisdictions. In many instances, local gambling laws would prevent us from actively advertising in those regions, this, however, does not mean that players from those regions are unable to use our services. It is really up to each jurisdiction to actively enforce their regulations which they often do by preventing 7995 (gambling coded payments) from being accepted by their citizens (USA) or in the case of Belgium/Russia/China, blocking the actual gambling website outright. You can find out more about the Curacao gambling license here: Curacao Gambling License The proposition we are offering to game developers is a simple way to plug their games into a licensed platform/wallet without the need to go through bureaucratic processes. Essentially for you to launch a gambling game, you really just need to integrate into our API... So how do we handle countries like Belgium? To be honest, we would not target it due to the associated hassle (sites getting blocked). This does not mean we can not target expats who no longer live in Belgium, they are fair game as long as they live in countries where gambling is accepted. I trust this answers your question?
  6. If you ever decide to add a gambling element to any of your card games, please get in touch:
  7. Battleships has been on my radar as a multiplayer gambling game for a long time. Players place a bet and the winner takes all. If you have the time please take a read of my post here, I would love to see battleship betting: How to license a game for gambling
  8. You are right about on thing, this game is very addictive! How am I going to get my time back? This game could be written with a betting element to it. Each player pays to play, each payment is added to the board as a prize. As you eat other worms you steal their money, the more you steal the more you win or at least something along those lines. If you ever decide to build it, we will license it, read my post here: How to license your game for gambling
  9. If you ever decide to release the game to the general public, get in touch, we can help with the underlying gambling licensing and the gambling wallet. We specialise in helping Game Developers produce gambling related games, here is an HTML5 article on what we do: How to license your game for gambling Take a look at our website for costs etc:
  10. We work predominantly with casino games and online gambling games, however, the basic principles are the same. We also have extensive experience with the underlying hardware in order to work with extreme applications. While we can not offer you a specific team member we can certainly help with ad-hoc development work when required.
  11. Hi Nina, Would you be interested in developing a gambling version of your Solitaire card game? We work with game developers and our job is to provide licensing to them, I wrote an article on HTML5 Games Dev titled: How to license your game for gambling perhaps this would be of interest to you?
  12. Betting games Today I thought I would write a news article on betting games as a means to help HTML5 Game Developers better understand where the money is when considering what betting games to produce. And yes, a good betting game will likely offer a good Return on your Time Investment. What are the popular types of betting games? According to AdWords, the most popular types of betting games at the moment are as follows: Casino betting games Football betting games Soccer Betting Sports Books Grand National Betting Cricket Betting Golf Betting There are more, however, the above appears to be the most popular. Casino betting games generally cover things like: Poker, Slots, Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Bingo, Keno and Lottery. When thinking about a game to design it would be worthwhile seeing if you can come up with a concept that perhaps takes a new look at how these games work. I recently wrote an article on Hell Club which is a take on Poker. The game uses a poker engine to deliver a unique and fun card game experience. Whether it will be successful or not is anyone's guess, however, the game developer has thrown caution to the wind and given the game a shot. Football betting games are traditionally quite complicated, however, they do not need to be. You could create a game that simplifies how fans bet on football be it as simple as win, lose or draw or who is going to score or how many goals will be saved etc. What needs to be considered here is the data costs... which will determine how you build your game and what it will do. Depending on where you are from, soccer betting is the same as football betting... Sportsbooks are very popular and if you are to write a game, a sports type app is likely going to be the most profitable. Everyone loves sports the world around and no matter which conference I have attended, sports betting companies appear to be the richest and charge the highest fees. But it does not need to be complicated, you can, of course, create your own sporting spin on things making your game easy to develop, fun to use and cost-effective to maintain! The real cost of any sports app is the data feeds and the last thing you want to be doing is updating your apps data manually. Grand National Betting is a popular search term at the moment due to the race recently having taken place. This is a good example of seasonal types of games built for specific things such as a world cup or a yearly event. It can be very profitable for the short few weeks prior to the event. Cricket Betting is huge and if you have access to ex-pat Indians living to say in the UK or the EU, these guys are going to eat up your game. Again, the game could be simple and abstract with a fun betting element to it. Golf Betting is popular too with a very large following. If your game takes off, you will easily find a large audience who will support it. The above are examples of popular betting games based on a quick look at Adwords, it is not extensive but the idea is to give you some insight into what people are looking for as a means to inspire you to build betting related games around those genres. How to decide what game to spend your time on? Think about it like this. The time you spend on a fun game such as a hybrid Tetris or PacMan etc. will be the same amount of time you spend on a betting game. The difference, however, is that a betting game "may" be more profitable at the end of the day. You could create a lottery styled sports betting app that is so simple to use that everyone plays it... I have seen games making well over a million pounds per month and you would get a % of GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue). How to offer a gambling game legally? This is the crux of the article and the thing that will stop most game developers from even bothering to attempt a betting game. Fortunately, you can, in fact, create your own gambling app and you do not need to go through too many hurdles to get it published and making money. I have written about it in this GamblingTec article which I suggest you read should you be interested in writing such a game. How can we help you with your betting game? If you are interested in writing a betting game, feel free to ask me questions in this thread, or private message me or visit and get hold of us via our support desk.
  13. I can only agree with you. I like everything about this game from the theme to the sounds effects to the surprise and frustration when you think you will win no tricks and then you win them all! haha At present, it does not have much traffic but enough to enjoy a few hands. Thank you for trying it out and your feedback, much appreciated and I will let Simon know you like the game.
  14. Hi Everyone, Today I want to share one of my client's new HTML5 games called Oh Hell Stackpot! Oh Hell is a popular card game played in Sweden, This is the first and only gambling version of the game which is an HTML5 game and built on top of the Cubeia poker engine. Simon is one of the Cubeia game developers and his idea was to build the game in his spare time using the Cubeia poker engine as a backbone. The owners loved the idea and fully supported him with his venture and recommended that Simon approached us to help him with licensing and payments. What I love about this project is that it perfectly outlines what we as a small company set out to achieve when we first became aware of the issues that game developers in the gambling space were experiencing. Essentially, prior to our platform, it was too expensive for game developers to write and publish casino games due to the enormous costs associated with licensing and accepting payments. Our idea was to centralise this and to share the burden with many game developers. What I would like to highlight about this game is that it did not cost Simon a fortunate to put it together. Firstly he had the talent and the skill to create the game, he partnered with a company (Cubeia) with pre-existing engines that his game uses, and he found us to deal with the licensing and payment aspect of the game. And it is now a reality with users signing up and a growing network of fans. This I think is a great success story that all game devs can learn from when setting out to create something new and exciting. You do not need to be a big studio to own a piece of the game market, you do not need to be a listed company to compete in the gambling market. All you need is a good idea and the right people around you to make it happen. I would like to encourage anyone on HTML5 Game Devs to give the game a try, you can play for free without the need to create an account.