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  1. Many thanks, always best to be safe than sorry.
  2. I do notice with some software that don't have a massive dev team behind them usually get false positives I don't know on your end how you would confirm this, but its kinda vital as now I think I may have a virus lol???
  3. To be honest I never checked on the older versions lol
  4. I just downloaded new version off gumroad and I get the following: Can the creator or another person confirm if this is a false positive or not please?
  5. SomeT

    Discord server?

    I can't really explain the software in detail, it is not a singular thing either it is a piece of chat software. Check out:
  6. SomeT

    Discord server?

    This chatroom is not to my liking, if there is ever a discord setup please let me know here
  7. SomeT

    Discord server?

    Is there a discord server for Panda 2?
  8. I actually realised you can upload a full game to and I tend to use this for all my games so I reckon I am going to do this, just hopefully Panda 2 works to this effect on this site. I am yet to find a decent tutorial for a games engine for Facebook instant games, is there one for Panda 2???
  9. I presume these games can easily be hosted on github pages, is there anywhere else for free I can host a panda 2 made game?
  10. SomeT

    mmorpg advice 3d edition

    Are you reffering to pomelo? You are welcome to join my mmo to help get it off the ground, barely started it and can't realistically do it by myself haha. Let me know if interested?
  11. None yet I am trying to plan ahead more than anything, not even started my game lol. See these two other posts where I am trying to figure out the actual infrastructure of my game:
  12. SomeT

    mmorpg advice?

    Continued here:
  13. Following on from my post here: I have decided to use the MEAN stack for my game along with the 3D babylon engine, however with the following two libraries I am not sure whether to use pomelo and socket or pomelo or socket, am I missing anything else I should include in my mmorpg game at all as well?
  14. Does the 3D graphics render on the client side or the server side? For example if I hosted my game on digital ocean on there $5 plan, would I have any issues?