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  1. I'm really glad you enjoyed the game. Thank you.
  2. Hello everyone, Finally I finished glorified version of Maggot Diorama. It's still a tiny game now with bonus level which is more likely experimental thing. I also changed way to gather money "spend on defense stuff" and now I'm not sure if it's easy to understand how it works tho. https://www.kongregate.com/games/kiklop133/maggot-diorama-2
  3. It's better now I had no error this time and found also exit room. And AI of fellows is quite nice.
  4. @dude78 Actually, you finished the game. That's why theres "win" images on the ground. Maybe I should make it more clear that game is over. Anyway, thanks for managing it to the end.
  5. @totor Thanks for play. Did you tried pressing right click to remove remaining targets?
  6. Played all to end. First when I played second level I did it jumpy way instead of supposed throw box on the lever. And was thinking "what a hardcore stuff". And I liked a lot that first song (ambient electro) style. About graphics, I second that what said Wolfsbane.
  7. I would call it demake rather than remake :D. and console sometimes write some erros. But it was playable and witch did her job to one hit put me down.
  8. I know I know Fist I should take care of that wormy game I made in past but I could not resist with idea filling RenderTexture™ with lots of images, a lots. So, I in not long period of time shipped this simple game. Game had some new born problems, which I hope, got rid of them. And game seems to be sorta dead after I published it, but sharing it anyway. edit: forgot link: https://www.kongregate.com/games/kiklop133/swordy-archer-first-target
  9. Thanks for trying, still dont know what was causing that. But it seems I get rid of that black screen problem, sort of.
  10. Hello, I have quite delicate problem with game I just published. Game played around 150ppl and some of them getting black screen after hitting (1st enemy / target) in the game. I tried phaser 3.14 and 3.15.1 on all major browsers but I cannot replicate that black screen. I have no clue whats going on. link https://www.kongregate.com/games/kiklop133/swordy-archer-first-target
  11. Hello guys, I wanted to use startAt parameter in pathFollower.startFollow() function, but without success. Then tried [from : float] property in path config, which also ended without success. This problem is for me rather aesthetic, so I'm just wondering if there is any way to get it working. Thanks.
  12. Probably stupid question but when I declaring Group object, I can create remove/createCallback in config and I'm wondering if there's also Scope to that callback. Like in timer this.time.addEvent({ delay: 1500,callback : this.onCallback,callbackScope : this});
  13. Aesthetic of the game looks good, but firing is quite unresponsive while I'm doing click-to-shoot. Although hold mouse button to shoot feels ok. Overall it's nice game for 13KB.
  14. @samme TIL ignoreIfPlaying 😃. But that will not solve his problem cause it'll trigger animation multiple times.
  15. @old_blueyes ,You need disable fence's collision check after overlap is triggered, otherwise it'll be triggering every frame until it jumps out overlap. fence.body.checkCollision.none = true; add that code at line 218 in your code. in jumpFence function.
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