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  1. ah ha, its logic is different as I know Thanks! 😀
  2. maybe somethings like this. function create() { game.physics.startSystem(Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); pipes = game.add.group(); var ledge = pipes.create(100,100, 'ground'); pipes.angle = 90; // <-- this game.physics.arcade.enable(pipes); pipes.enableBody = true; pipes.setAll('body.immovable', true); } function update() { pipes.angle ++; // <-- or this } I'm starter, sorry if I'm wrong understand
  3. Hi! I'm starter. I'm learning Phaser. I have trouble for understand how physics work with group. My full starter code: var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.AUTO, '', { preload: preload, create: create, update: update }); var platforms; var score = 0; var scoreText; function preload() { game.load.image('sky', 'assets/sky.png'); game.load.image('ground', 'assets/platform.png'); game.load.image('star', 'assets/star.png'); game.load.spritesheet('dude', 'assets/dude.png', 32, 48); } function create() { // We're going to be using physics, so enable the Arcade Phy
  4. Many tutorials make me confused Phaser 2 with Phaser 3. Example this: Why they must must split boot -> preloader -> main menu -> game in multi files when they can store all in one file with Phaser 3 (if I'm not mistaken) If I try do same them then I'm doing Phaser 2, not Phaser 3. Is it right? I hope Phaser's deverlopers or comunity will make more tutorials with target is for newbie, the beginers having know nothing
  5. Thanks! 😀 I wish they will show simple more than now
  6. Hi! I'm new comer to Phaser! I want start learn HTML5 with Phaser. At Phaser homepage I had picked Phaser 3 by its default. After go around and look verything, I see Phaser 3 had less tutorials for newbie like me. Many tutorials for Phaser 2 but they have too differ with Phaser 3, make me confuse. I know C# and Unity, already completed Phaser 3 get start tutorial . So. I have some newbie questions: - What editor can help me easy detect wrong/error line code? - Have more tutorials for newbie? Many questions I need learn. Example how to make multi scenes, etc - Should I remov
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