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  1. Thanks for the link. That's exactly what I need to implement.
  2. I suppose the feeling of lag is caused by my physical engine on the server side. When you press a key to move a soldier, it is not moved immediately, but only when the physics counts a new position and returns to the browser. This has been done to make it harder to cheat in the game, and it was easier to implement. In the future, I will try to rewrite it a bit so that the control will be more responsive and less delayed. Thanks for your opinions.
  3. Thank you. Could you write how many FPS do you have in game and how high PING is (right upper corner)?
  4. Thanks. World is represented by pixels (server side).
  5. mariobros

    [WIP] Prank

    I found your topic today and wonder how is your game? Is it available to play? I'm working on something similar (i guess). You can check it here:
  6. I would like to show you the game I am working on: It is a multiplayer shooter 2D (platformer) similar to old games like Liero, Soldat or Worms (a little). Game is written in html5 (Phaser 2) and now has not many features now. Playing: - moving soldier: W, A, S, D (can be changed in settings) - aiming & shoting: mouse (mobile playing is not finished yet) It would be great if you could write me what do you thing about it or maybe what problems do you have with the game.