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  1. Dear Sir, We are a social betting platform and we need to add casino games to our platform. We have not a Gambling model, neither Social gaming one (we don´t sell any features to our audience). We would need html5 games reskinned and preference from the same publisher to get look and feel harmony. We only need lucky games (games based on luck, not skill, with payout% customizable) from this list: Scratch cards Videpoker (jack or better) Video bingo, or Bingo (not multiplayer games) Roulette (French and American) Blackjack 2/3 Slots (9 lines minimum with scatter and bonus games) Mahjong Solitaire Instant Lottery Keno Caribbean poker Any other? All the game have to be deliver in all devices, desktop, mobile, APP android + IOS. Games has te be prepared for Multilanguage Need them in a shared wallet (same bankroll account for user) We don´t need exclusivity of games, neither source code ownership, but yes, APPs to be accepted on stores. If you could help that would be great Thanks in advance Christian