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  1. Hi all! I've fixed my problem (previous post) with setting the angle to "3.141". This creates always "rounded" corners. Greetings! Tim
  2. Hi all! I use the "line2d" function too to display line segments with the same thickness. A very awesome and useful function 👍!!! In some situation, when the current line segment and previous line segment nearly overlap, the lines (better: the corners) will get "oversized". In my screenshots i move the red point in the arrow direction and the lines/corners will get "oversized". How can i avoid this? Best regards, Tim
  3. Thanks for your answer Sebavan! But therewith i get all vertices, these of the top/surface too: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#PS63MV#3 How can i separate only the points of the outer border?
  4. Hi all! Is there a possibility to get the polygon points of a mesh as a result of CSG union? I prepared a playground: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#PS63MV#1 There i have 2 polygons (PolygonMeshBuilder) and a final mesh as the union (CSG) of the initial polygons. Is there a way to get the outer points/vertices of the union CSG (green) in correct order, so that i have an array of points to create the same polygon (like the green one) with the PolygonMeshBuilder ? Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Tim
  5. Hey Treant! Could you explain me how did you "convert" the geoJSON data into Vector3? Thx in advance! Tim
  6. @SvenFrankson Hi! Many thanks for your advice! That was the solution! Best regards Tim
  7. @JohnK: i wanna do this (https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#KNE0O#52) with simple meshes (like a MeshBuilder Box), but i ran into an error: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#KNE0O#93 What's the problem? Best regards Tim
  8. Hi jerome! Many thanks for your answer! That's exactly what i was looking for! Greetings Tim
  9. Hi all! I have a mesh created by BABYLON.PolygonMeshBuilder (let us take a simple polygon or rectangle). Now i want to calculate its area. For calculation i don't want to use the known points of this polygon. I want to use the information of its facets and vertices to calculate the area. But i do not know how. My idea is to sum all facets areas. But therefore i have to know all facets (and their vertices) to calculate their areas. Has anybody any hint for me? Many thanks in advance! Best regards Tim.
  10. One small change in addition to JohnKs solution: i've added: catmullRom.push(catmullRom[0]); to "CreateCatmullRomSplineLoop": CreateCatmullRomSplineLoop = function (points, nbPoints) { var catmullRom = new Array(); var step = 1.0 / nbPoints; var amount = 0.0; var pointsCount = points.length; for (var i = 0; i < pointsCount; i++) { amount = 0; for (var c = 0; c < nbPoints; c++) { catmullRom.push(BABYLON.Vector3.CatmullRom(points[i % pointsCount], points[(i + 1) % pointsCount], points[(i + 2) % pointsCount], points[(i + 3) % pointsCount], amount)); amount += step; } } catmullRom.push(catmullRom[0]); return new BABYLON.Curve3(catmullRom); }; and now i have a closed polygon! 😃👍 https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#K49ARR#1
  11. Hi JohnK and Wingnut, many thanks for your help and answers! JohnK solution is exactly what i was looking for! Perfect! 👍 And thx to Wingnut for this great playground. Perhaps i can use something of this 😃 Regards Tim
  12. Hi everybody, is it possible to create a closed polygon/path of cutmull spline (points)? Simply adding again the first point (to close the polygon) does not work. This will create a "sharp corner" (point: -5, 0, 5) which i didn't want. See here: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1AU0M4#17 Regards, Tim