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  1. Hello, Which JS framework are you using, if any?
  2. I found the issue in my case: Because of the uInverseRotationMatrix uniform, the Lighting is not compatible with the sprite batching. So I've added ` this.flush();` in the batchSprite function if a normalTexture is found.
  3. Update: This issue only occurs when there are several objects with different rotations. If all the objects have the same rotation the lighting seems fine. Still investigating...
  4. Hello, The following showcase: http://www.babylonjs.com/scenes/worldmonger/ does not display the water anymore. I guess it uses the latest babylonjs so it should have been broken recently. It used to work a few months ago.
  5. Hello, We are a new game studio that could do that work : Fire Falcom http://firefal.com We have experience in mini-games included in mobile containers. Contact us if you want to see our private portfolio. Gauthier