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  1. Ran the debugger in both Chrome and Firefox, and there are some notable differences. The duration of the sound is longer on Firefox 457ms vs 377 on Chrome, and it also seems that the audio playback is a bit erratic on Firefox. In Chrome, the time counter for the sound is counted up in a very consistent manner, but in Firefox it sometimes just goes from time 0 to 456 in an instant. It does seem like there is some kind of repeating going on in the Firefox browser for some reason.
  2. Hello there! I'm currently working on an endless runner, and it is going well so far! Today I've encountered a slight problem concerning the audio of my characters attack-animation, specifically when playing the game on Firefox. When I'm on Chrome it works just as it should, but on Firefox it sounds like the sound repeats itself several times during the animation, making a really weird noise. I don't really understand what is causing the problem, but it seems like some kind of update problem, maybe that Firefox is refreshing faster than Chrome or something like that. Here are the rel
  3. Nevermind, solved it :). You can close this thread!
  4. Hey there! This is my first post on this forum, and I've decided to make a new topic since there was not really any good answer I could find while browsing the topic here on the site! My problem is as such: I have created an infinite runner with randomly generated platforms made in a prefab that get killed when they leave the screen and then reused in a platformPool. They get instansiated with a preset speed at which the level moves and moves from right to left accordingly. I ofcourse also have a runner player sprite that moves equally as fast in the opposite direction. The prob
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