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  1. @rich I think we found some bug here, should we create issue on GitHub? @samme - what is funny, change zoom value from 0.1 to 0.09 and it's working fine. 😅 Someone could help with changing Sprites on this MiniMap (Spaceship as dot for example)? Best, DaaV.
  2. @samme, sorry but I didn't get it - on your example we had this same problem: the circle is cut on MiniMap (attachment)?
  3. No, @samme, this x & y is position of second camera (here as MiniMap) on our screen, it's not position of where camera starts. For example, if we create MiniMap like this: this.miniMap = new MiniMap({ scene: this, x: 0, y: 0 }).init() we still have this issue with moved camera screen, but now MiniMap is starting from top left corner. Unfortunately, I didn't notice anything more.
  4. Thanks for linking @nkholski, yes you could be right and it could be related to this issue. So is there now any way to create fully working MiniMap with Phaser3? Best, DaaV
  5. Hello, I'm new here, so firstly I want to greet with all of you. Regarding my question, or maybe problem - some background here: I want to create minimal for My 2D space shooter. I check tutorials on labs.phaser where I saw example with creating MiniMap with second camera - it sounds good. So I created class for My MiniMap: import Phaser from 'phaser' export default class MiniMap extends Phaser.Cameras.Scene2D.Camera { constructor ({ scene, x = 10, y = 10, width = 192, height = 192, zoom = 0.1, scroll = { x: 960, y: 960 } }) { super(x, y, width, height) this.scene = scene this.zoom = zoom this.scroll = scroll } init () { this.scene.cameras.cameras.push(this) this.scene.cameras.addExisting(this) this.setZoom(this.zoom) this.setScroll(this.scroll.x, this.scroll.y) return this } } And I'm creating it in My GameScene in create() function: create () { this.bgImage = new BackgroundImage({ scene: this }).init() this.miniMap = new MiniMap({ scene: this }).init() this.miniMap.setBackgroundColor('black') this.player = new Spaceship({ scene: this, x: 0, y: 0 }).init() this.camera.startFollow(this.player) } About My sizing, BackgroundImage and Bounds are 1920 x 1920 px, so in MiniMap we had 192 x 192 and also zoom as 0.1 (1/10 of real game world). It should create Map with the whole world, but it is cut on left and top and have free space at right and bottom (attachment). How to fix it? Also, maybe you can give me some tips how to change Spaceship sprite on MiniMap (second camera) as for example dot? Thanks for advance! Best, DaaV