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  1. The names are: accessories_Circle.010 accessories_Circle.000 _mm1 I'm surprised that the model is loading without textures, even though the mtl file is loading...
  2. I'll have to wait until I'm on a more capable machine this evening to try and open the obj file. I think this thing would have a fit if I tried to open a 25MB text file.
  3. Excellent information, thank you :) There is only one MTL file being requested and loaded. scene.meshes has 3 different entries.
  4. TBH, I know absolutely sod-all about Blender, which is why I'm getting someone else to do the assets.
  5. I've noticed that the obj loader is looking for a <filename>.ojb.manifest3647834723 file, which wasn't included with the package I was delivered. How important is that file?
  6. My assumption was (maybe naively) that I could treat the obj as a merged mesh and somehow directly target submeshes within it? ALA https://playground.babylonjs.com/#INZ0Z0#6 Am I barking up the wrong tree? Where do I go to get the submesh index to target? Or is that trial and error?
  7. Super exciting developments for me. @Des3Dteam have finished my first 3D asset I have an obj file, height-maps, textures, and everything. I'm linking a gif of said object below. Now - what information do I need, and how do I go about changing the texture/image in the circle that says "Des3DTeam"? I need to be able to change it on the fly in the JS code. Thanks
  8. YouTube themselves don't provide the ability to download. You need a 3rd party to help. Many people use browser extensions, although there are also 3rd-party websites that will provide download links for you as well.
  9. Indeed. I'm just trying to explain why it went wrong originally, and how you went about solving the issue from a conceptual standpoint.
  10. This is where your bug is - it's a concept/algorithm bug. The problem is that you are running the pause/play code for all onPointerDown events for the WHOLE SCENE. Therefore, it doesn't matter where you click on the screen, it controls the video. Exactly what your code asks for, although not what you intended. What you need to do is check for onPointerDown on the surface that you want to use to control the video, rather than the entire scene. And that's what @Wingnut has demonstrated in the playground link.
  11. @JCPalmer YouTube does in fact do WebM. Is seems to be the only format that they provide 1080p+ videos in anymore. I've only noticed because when you use Flash Video downloaders on YT, the only 1080+ options are .webm, and download without sound. I don't know what codecs they support, but I suppose you could download a couple of webm files from YouTube to see what codecs they use for streaming back to the public.
  12. Are you able to replicate the issue on the Playground?
  13. Does this sudden turn of conversation have anything to do with me mentioning that I might need to pay a specific member of this forum to help me with a project? I hope that I have shown on this forum so far that (1) I know enough JS ( and coding) to be able to help people with basic stuff; and (2) I'm happy to do so, and learn stuff on the way. I joined because I have a project that I want to do, which is currently personal in scope, but I may extend enough that it becomes useful to others. While I have experience in programming, I am acutely aware that I have no experience with GUIs, 3D space, or modeling, and that I'm no artist. Sure, I can learn this stuff over time, but given the wide range of needs and attention required, I feel that it would be better of me to pay someone for time to actually concentrate on this project, at least until I get to the point where I can do most of the heavy lifting myself, and ask questions in a more targeted and and intelligent way than I could now. I honestly think that what I'm doing could become a regular use case for BJS if it's made easy to implement, but I don't want to say "hey community, do my project for me for free!" I'm willing to do what I can to get this going (within the scope of my personal budget, time and skills), and I think it's important to do some hard yards rather than just expecting people to breathe for me.
  14. @Sebavan Thank you for that. My upcoming project (which I might need to hire @Pryme8 for ) probably needs this exact information.
  15. The main constraints will likely be the end-user - browser, hardware spec, and internet speed.
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