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  1. MarianG Thanks for the reply. This is what i encountered: There's There's a place for environment texture in the panel, can I use my texture instead? If not, can I at least make Babylon stick to my camera instead so i can view the background sphere from the inside rather than the default camera that views the entire scene from outside ? thanks
  2. Hello Everyone, I've just started to use Babylon.js for the the purpose of posting 3d content to Facebook. I am trying to post a scene that consists of a 3d model and an environment from a 360 degree image. How do I export my environment ? all my attempts ( Creating default skybox, a sphere with flipped normal, ...) have been met with failure: - In case of exporting the environment map no success. - In case of flipped sphere, it always views the scene from outside rather from inside. Any solutions? I am trying to refer to the documentation but no clear answer so far. Thanks