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  1. Hey everyone, I'm trying to use the SlickUI plugin with TypeScript, but the plugin doesn't have any definition files. This is what I tried to do, which of course did not work: this.slickUI =; (Property 'SlickUI' does not exist on type ' typeof Plugin') Any help would be appreciated
  2. Thanks for the help, appreciate it! This has been resolved. I forgot that I could just use the click events... Oops. My solution was quite simple, in case anyone else has the same question: this.loginButton = document.getElementById('login-btn') as HTMLLinkElement; this.loginButton.addEventListener('click', (e) => this.login(e));
  3. Hello, I'm fairly new to development with Phaser (TypeScript). I've made a simple login screen in HTML, and I'm trying to make the "Log In" button which is in the external HTML call a function in my Phaser game. This is the button that will call the function: <button onclick="login()">Log In</button> Where in my project should I write the function "login", and how can I call it when I click the button? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 😃 I'm using this as a base for my project (I purchased his book):