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  1. export template seems to just bring up something from and I don't know how to generate a scene in html and javascript from this yet. will check out documentation more. Seems like a cool tool.
  2. nevermind. I figured out how to run it with npm. Still wouldn't mind a native snap for this in ubuntu. But I'm not sure if its worth it.
  3. How within the realm of possibility is it to get a native linux version of the editor? Or is it possible to self host in the browser by downloading files? My main computer uses ubuntu. Still exploring the git repo.
  4. it seems to be functional now though I'm not sure about all the debug info. Thanks for looking at that.
  5. just curious if there's work being done on I had it up and running a few days ago now it seems to have a problem with trim. I found it really useful and was bummed out when I found it crashing. Is it just me or is this not loading for anyone else?
  6. when you add it to the createbox or master the full heart renders! I think I need to look more into blender rendering to get another .jpeg file baked in to my mesh if I want to be able to take it apart and show different pieces in different places. Wingnut you've been tremendously helpful. Thanks. It's off to watch blender videos for now though. I'm definitely excited about Babylon now.
  7. so when I add Human_heart.babylon to the sandbox theres a section I can see that isn't there with the .jpeg images added. Was there a problem with the blender rendering? I wasn't able to see any properties in the program using babylon.js ver 5.6.2 I haven't tried Tower of Babel ver 5.3 beta yet. But I clicked on it and also no properties. edit * I rerendered the heart file. nothing new. This may be a blender issue but I'm not sure I don't have enough experience to know for sure. Am I missing something with exporting?
  8. I figured out how to apply position to the whole array. YAY! I'm very happy I think I can use this framework for sure now! I updated the example and it all moved. I almost feel kinda dumb for not realizing how it worked. But I'm not sure its terribly well documented with all the struggle I put into it.
  9. still analyzing a bit what you did with the code. But it doesn't solve the problem that if I try to change position, rotation, or scaling it only reacts on a small part of the mesh.not the whole thing a good chunk stays a 0,0,0. I don't know if this is an issue with the exporter or some piece of code that I'm missing. Also when I did the export I didn't see controls for it in blender. I am feeling it but it'll be sweeter when I understand what's wrong with it.
  10. I figured out how to get the files loaded from git hopefully someone can help me understand what's happening better with materials here
  11. I tried making a playground version of my problem. but I can't seem to get the file to load from github... any help on what to do? I'm sure its something to do with CORS but I'm not sure what to do about it. my github The heart .babylon file was exported using blender.
  12. Thanks for your post. I'll try and get back to this thread when I've tried some of your suggestions. I wrote that fairly quickly without putting much thought to white space, sorry for that. I hope to figure babylon.js out to where its usable for me. Your help is very much appreciated.
  13. when I tried using .babylon it seemed to want external .jpg files that I put in the right place but then they stayed at 0 0 0 and never moved the position or rotation correctly. But a small part of my mesh seemed to move correctly but out of 6 texture files I'm not sure what was working with it and what went wrong with it. when I tried .obj files with .mtl I have no idea how to load the .mtl file correctly. .stl works but I don't think it uses material files. only material code that specifies colors. And I had no luck getting gltf files to work. Am I stuck with using .stl files and only having solid colors for the meshes? I'd like to have materials from the files and if it isn't coded yet I think it might be something to focus on soon. Anyone more familiar with what's going on with development.... I wouldn't mind knowing what the roadmap is. I'm not that familiar with nodejs otherwise I'd try to help with development in that area if I knew what to do.