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  1. Well, because all our assets are 16bit style pixel art, and I really wanted to go with that outrun look. If faux 2.5 can be achieved easier/quicker/cheaper with 3d fixed camera angles and stuff I don't care, this just seemed like a quicker and lighter solution to me. Physics for now need to be guessworkish, it just needs to be a playable demo we can all have two laughs on with mates. They will need to get better if we decide to proceed this way (probably yes). If you are actually interested (or anyone else), drop me a message with what you estimate you would make pay for this simple, 8 shaped track demo, with just the horizontal scrolling background and multiplayer. Because 50k is magnitudes out of my budget for now. Thanks.
  2. Alright, thank you. I guess this is probably not the route I should be pursuing.
  3. For the whole bells and whistles I assume, but what price range are we talking for a raw 8 shaped track, no scenery sprites, just a simple road, horizontal scrolling background, four multiplayer capability and guesswork physics? I'm mostly looking for a convincing prototype at this stage, and as there are tutorials and open source "infinite runner" games based on outrun which already did the trigonometry math for everyone, I thought someone might manage to repackage that into a circuit racer, with socket.io multiplayer and some added tricks. I'm not downplaying effort or underestimating the amount of work needed of course, just trying to establish if I can afford a prototype on a budget, that can then be built upon in the near future.
  4. Any suggestion on which engine would be best suited and I should look a developer for would also be appreciated (would be happier if Phaser could handle it though).
  5. Hi there, I would like to find someone to code a pseudo 3d racing game prototype for me, but I have some questions first, about feasability and technology. Basically it would plug into a bigger car game I have been orchestrating for years, with hit and miss coder success (this is what happens when the artists manage the game instead of the coders I guess). So while the rest of the game handles car acquisitions, modifications and stuff like that, the pseudo 3d racing script would handle the race alone, once fed all the relevant race info. I'm wondering if one of the various engines or something coded from scratch can: - Support multiplayer, at least 8 players. - Handle a heavier amount of sprites/level detail than usual "made for fun" indie games of the sort. Like for example the faux 3d, and tunnels on the sides of Racin' Force: YouTube Link - Without aiming at simulator realism, do a bit of a better job at real world handling physics than the aforementioned games. Basically I would like to know if I can expect an Html5/js game to be able to get real polished with enough time and effort. I know the answer is yes, but I'd like to hear someone say i