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  1. Hi @kcoley Thanks for the update. Will surely look into it. 😊 Regards Varsha
  2. Hi @JohnK, Thanks a lot. It helped. Worked as expected. Regards Varsha
  3. Hi @Deltakosh and @kcoley , I am adding text meshes in model using following link. https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/issues/4300 Mesh is getting added properly and it is getting saved as well. Now my requirement is to update the text on it. As this mesh texture is getting saved dynamically, i am trying to remove previous mesh along with its texture and adding new in place. Created a playground to replicate my issue. http://playground.babylonjs.com/#Z3WLYL Here, my problem is, Text is getting cropped if its of larger length. Also font of te
  4. Hi @trevordev, Thanks a lot. 😊😊 It worked perfectly. 💃 Thanks. Regards, Varsha
  5. Hi @trevordev, Thanks for the updates. 😊 I tried all gizmo options. I am able to get event for start and end of drag. I did not find any event for scaling in all direction option. Can you please help me with that? Thanks. Regards, Varsha
  6. Hi @Deltakosh, I am using 3 different gizmos for operations - PositionGizmo, RotationGizmo and ScaleGizmo I want to perform certain task after dragging,scaling or rotating gizmo , for which i need events. But i didn't find any methods of gizmo to capture such events. There are only 2 methods available for gizmo - dispose and setCustomMesh. Can you please help me with this? Thanks. Regards, Varsha
  7. Hi @Deltakosh, Thanks for the updates. 😀 Will be waiting to get this feature merged. Regards, Varsha
  8. Hi @trevordev This is amazing 😀. Can you please help me with npm version in which this feature is integrated. Currently i am using which does not have this feature enabled. Thanks. Regards, Varsha
  9. Hi @trevordev, Thanks, this is what i wanted 🙂. Its looking better now. I tried your playground and updated it to check attachToMesh. Its working perfectly. But, when i tried same with my code its throwing me following error. Currently i am using following npm version of babylon. Following is my code block for the same : Function createAxisOp is getting called on click of mesh, and currentMesh is the clicked mesh. I want to restrict some of the meshes to have gizmo on click. So i am passing only required meshes here. Please help w
  10. Hi @trevordev, If i get something like this , it would be great for me. This will for rotation and scaling as well, right? Thanks. Regards, Varsha
  11. Hi @trevordev Thanks for the updates 🙂. Given playground has colored shapes(blocks) for gizmo actions. Can we have the controls same as current Gizmo with options for color or size change(as they are in babylonjs editor)? Thanks. Regards, Varsha
  12. Hi @kcoley, My bad. Its working properly now. I was facing issue that day 😔. Thanks for your help and time..🙂 Regards, Varsha
  13. Hi @kcoley, Yes i tried loading both on sandbox.babylonjs.com, and i faced the issue(attached screenshot).
  14. Hi @Deltakosh, I am adding Gizmo control for adding manipulators. Its working fine on .babylon file. When i am trying to open gltf model created by babylon serializer on babylon sandbox, its throwing some error. Please find attach screen-shot of error from sandbox. Attaching .babylon and gltf bundles fro reference. cube.zip cube_gltf.scnassets.zip Babylon and serializer version used are as follows: Please suggest for the same. Thanks. Regards, Varsha
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