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  1. Okay, But if you wanna deal with phaser content you have to go with that option only I feel.
  2. get the scene instance from phaser scene class to your normal class by passing it through the constructor.
  3. have you got rid of this issue? if you are pls lemme know. I am facing the same problem.
  4. actually, my sprite sheets are bit larger than what you are imagining so why we have segmented a sprite sheet as multiple ones. hope you got my point.
  5. I wanna create a single animation using multiple sprite sheets that I have, which are a kin da content.
  6. yup in slack I got the reply as we cant achieve that.!
  7. I searched for it but couldn't get, do you have any idea about it..?
  8. do you know how to use the skew concept in phaser?
  9. if possible give us your source code it would be better to understand.
  10. so, you know how to skew an image that we add to phaser.?
  11. I want to implement a bitmapData property to skew my sprite, so anybody help me out there..? need to know how to implement search docs in our game..?
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