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  1. kolkat

    Wade 4.0

    Oooh this does look interesting and might just be what I was looking for. I'm just a bit doubtful seeing as it doesn't seem to be very popular here... From your videos it looks 5x better than anything I've tried so far but is it really? And is it actually free or do you have to pay for some features like most other frameworks... you say "completely free" but html5gameengine.com says "free (varies)". Which one is it? If there are any devs here using it, would you recommend it for an isometric RPG?
  2. Of course, the more the merrier I'll try to set up a team board on Trello over the weekend. Unless you want to use a different collaboration tool, I would be ok with that, provided it's free.
  3. Hi guys, thanks for your responses. @Lypzis your project looks great and thanks for the offer, but I'm looking to do something entirely from scratch. Also I'd like to keep it short and simple, my goal is to complete the project in two weeks from start to finish. I may well fail, but I've made unity games in 2 weeks before, and I'd like to aim for that same timeframe with my first html 5 project. @Bahototh I'm finishing a job this week and would like to start next week if you're available? Like I said, aiming for something quick & simple to start with, shouldn't take too much of y
  4. Thanks for the links, I'll try doing that. I think you are right, if I can figure it out with orthogonal coordinates it should be pretty similar. Is there a built-in pathfinding function in melon? If not, can you recommend an external script or library to use? Thanks for your help
  5. I apologise for asking a question that's probably been asked many times already, but all the info I could find is years old, so I'll ask again. As of 2018, which engine/framework do you think is best for an old-school isometric RPG? Like an old Final Fantasy game with isometric perspective. I have tried to evaluate several options, and so far I think the best is either Phaser or Melon. I think melon looks slightly easier for the isometric aspect, but seems to be lacking some features and I was a bit disappointed to encounter a few graphical glitches in their isometric example ga
  6. Thanks that's very useful. Is there an example with pathfinding?
  7. I have used Particle Illusion for some of my unity projects. It is an excellent tool, but very expensive. I'd also like to know if there's a good cheap alternative.
  8. It works today. It must have been a temporary connection issue. Nice game!
  9. Hi Does anyone have a link to a nice isometric game made with melon.js? In the list of melon games I found something called GIK but it appears to be dead. Is there another one?
  10. It looks promising but didn't work for me on Firefox. It tries to connect, it says 'disconnected' and I'm stuck with a 'retry' button that doesn't seem to do anything. Can you share some of your thoughts about working with react on this game? A short list of pros and cons perhaps? I am looking for the perfect framework to use for my project and hadn't really considered using just react... seems a bit odd for a game but I don't really know.
  11. kolkat

    Phaser 3 or 2?

    Thanks so much, that makes sense. I think I should stick to phaser 2 seeing as I'm new to js. Is performance in phaser 3 very different to phaser 2? And one last question... Coming from unity, I am looking for a unity-like experience, as much as possible anyway. Would you recommend the phaser editor or mighty editor? Or something else? I am a little overwhelmed with all the possible choices... Thank you!
  12. kolkat

    Phaser 3 or 2?

    Hi I am evaluating some js engines to pick the right one for my first js project. It is going to be a simple old school RPG (think final fantasy 3, but much shorter and ideally isometric). So in terms of phaser... Should I be looking at version 2 or version 3? Thanks!
  13. @Ninjadoodle is there anything that makes Panda2 better than other solutions specifically to make card games, or is that more like a general recommendation because it's good to make any type of games? I had a quick look and it seems good, and I am not opposed to paying for a good engine, just wondering whether it's worth doing that when there are so many free alternatives...
  14. It looks interesting but that colour scheme hurts my eyes, please change it! So what is html5 pcode engine exactly?
  15. Hi I am new here and new to html5 / JavaScript gamedev in general. But I do have lots of experience with C# and Unity, now looking to learn something new! I'd rather not do it alone, if there are people in a similar situation and willing to join me in making a simple old school RPG for learning purposes please let me know! Not looking to make any money out of it, I will make it an open source project on GitHub instead. Anyone interested?
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