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  1. Hi John, Did you miss to include any link to some field demo?
  2. @Deltakosh I know that you are the God Have so much admirations for your service, as well as community development. Thanks I hope to move to 3D mini-games and so I think Babylon should be it (until my ideas shoot themselves), and the journey would be much easier with you guys. @johnk Thanks a lot for such an elaborated and kind reply. I think since I have to generally allow 360 views, to facilitate imagery, I will go with 3D in Babylon. And I sure will be working with those inputs on orthographic camera, and extruded shape. Thanks P.S. I have started again with the introductory book "learning babylonjs", and it feels better. I hope my next questions would be more precise in the coming days!
  3. Hi all, I have been playing with Babylon in an attempt to create some browser-living simulations, e.g. "interactive permanent magnet electricity generator to help in the visualization of flux". The syntactic feel, playground examples, and this community, everything has felt awesome. But, I have really struggled in (story to let you seniors have a sense of my level): 1. creating a 3D vector field (my grid-based euler-integral curve drawing algorithm was crashing the browser; got it partially working by copying starting points approach from here: 2. I am having trouble in creating a simple fixed viewplane and fixed camera 2D view. (This is noob, but confidence denting, if I may say that) So, my questions are: 1. Is Babylon the right tool to create educational content inspired physics simulations, and lightweight games (user interactions + scoring + webapp data bindings ) around it. Or, is it an overkill? Is something like p5.js more apt for my purpose? 2. Should I be using phaser for (strictly) 2D environments? If I should, would using Babylon and phaser hurt code (e.g. say having a single script file for air drag force )? 3. Is "Learning Babylon" book a right start (it's lagging in the version support)? I am kind of lost in the jungle; please bear with me not being to the point. And I hope this forum will be kind enough as usual to point me to the right resources. P.S. I am willing to pay for book/resources, if you have anything in mind. Also, I would prefer "getting in the run" asap, if that's possible. Thank you all!