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  1. ... keep the direction. It can be helpful for many users
  2. looks is my bad. I use playground handmaded function , which create another member. It is work but only for displaying mesh on screen. Now after few hours thinking , i search babylonjs docs and found standard syntax for create ribbons BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateRibbon("id_mesh_name", { pathArray: array_of_getPoints_from_BABYLON_bezier}, scene ) and this syntax work done and can be exported to OBJ
  3. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2Y4H0L playground with issue , which export ribbon mesh to empty headers without data. Just for case
  4. need assist with addition of babylonjs.serializers.js ... i don't know how include it to playground https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1QD8LM#5
  5. this is good example in playground but i don't know how add babylonjs.serializers.js to playground https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1QD8LM#5 to make it work just comment/uncomment strings 139,140,141. And message me after you add serializers, that i know how it do too.
  6. Another subquestion. Is ribbons need any additional manipulation , that correctly be exported to OBJ file? Looks like i can display ribbons successful , but can't export to OBJ , but can export to OBJ other not ribbons meshes . : |
  7. My scene meshes partially created uses ribbons. Orange meshes on picture. All meshes displayed good on screen , but when i try to export scene meshes to OBJ file, then ribbons created meshes not export to result file, without errors. Just nothing, except usual created meshes(black/gray on picture) in result OBJ file , after importing uses freecad/meshlab. And file size is tiny (looks like ribbons just not added to export flow). while i try export only ribbons , in import time i see error "no vertex field found" and file include only elements heading exported_wheel(4).obj
  8. I fast look the code and youtube examples, and looks like your way is: - create flat contour , because paths have no z coordinates; - create flat shape from this flat contour - inside flat shape create new vertex and offset the vertex from zero z coordinate position to new z this method will be good for creating a random surface of the earth, such as hills or pits, but i need something close ribbons, because i need more industrial, technical strictly surface. Am i right, about your way? ... (hills and pits) ... and , after you complete the library functionality, think about more short way to create surfaces(short syntax if possible), because now the way look very long, and this little scared me(i think others can too), or i don't understand situation , and other libs have same length of creating way. p.s. and i can't turn off "sign in" invite box on geometry builder screen. It take 25% of screen width.
  9. for simple example i have x4 Bezier CUBIC 3D curves , which connected to contour in 3D space. What must be my steps to convert this closed contour to bezier surface with color etc?... If it possible with babylonjs. Functionality like this will allow create lot of surfaces, what babylonjs user wish, but i can't found any docs about this.
  10. omg))) ... button way!... pure button way, because i want that sources will be taken only in time of creating exported file data. In case of use a.onclick , "a" must be prepaired before using, and take cpu and memory every time i recount model.
  11. for example i have: html button <button id="objButton" onclick="fileExport()"></button> result of var objtext = BABYLON.OBJExport.OBJ(OBJexport); // this is *.obj file syntax with meshes from scene what syntax should i use inside fileExport function, that popup window savefile in browser? I have syntax with link a href which work , but i need use button, because the program gui with buttons usually, but not with text links. this is a href syntax: function download(text, name, type) { var a = document.getElementById("a"); var file = new Blob([text], {type: type}); a.href = URL.createObjectURL(file); a.download = name; } after this, click link and can save file. I need button way. If possible not way where button press call a.click()
  12. i found the way how manually fix this issue inside freecad. Need reverse normals inside mesh designer for every black part and then it stay normal colored etc. this can be math hole inside exporter algorithm, or mesh rotation algorithm (but on screen it look normal , and this direct to exporter as potentially reason of issue)
  13. not good... i try export scene to glTF format , then import into blender, and result is similar. Some meshes is broked , not coloring and look different when i rotate the view. Looks like something bad with exporters mathematics, or both exporters have same coding way. Because all my meshes created uses for loop, and later some of thier only moved + rotated into new scene position. Feels like some of meshes stay turned inside out, after exporting. I detect something similar when i try use threejs earlier, but threejs show this on scene. But babylonjs only do this in time of export. Is it possible when you recode or use part of threejs algorithm (part of code base)... I hope you don't do this, because threejs is terrible in compare with babylon js