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  1. Hey all! I switched from Phaser CE 2.7.8 to Phaser 2.6.2 and the performance is solid 60 fps. I will attach two screenshot on webgl profiling , with Phaser CE 2.7.8 and Phaser 2.6.2 , you can see that the Commands in Phaser 2.6.2 are less with half than Phaser CE 2.7.8 Someone has a explanation to this ? This is Phaser 2.6.2 This is Phaser CE 2.7.8
  2. Hello everyone! I found many old topics (around 2015-2016), saying that with Mozilla browser i can view number of draw calls, but today Mozilla no longer offer this kind of tool. So my question is, are there any other tools ?
  3. i did the same, move from 2.7.8 to 2.6.2 and the performance is much much better. I hit 60 fps with Webgl on Android phones
  4. and so, is there a solution to trigger onPause and onResume in this situation when disbleVisibilityChange = true?
  5. Hello everyone! My current game supports multi language. You can change your language on the fly(dynamically) .Until now, i got only English,Russian,Turkey and i have no problem with them, when user selects some of them, all of the texts are updated for the certain language.But now, i add Japanese, and when user selects Japanese, game freezes for 5 seconds. The font i am using is Oswald. I am using Phaser.Text , instead bitmapText. I know that for dynamically changing texts is better to use bitmapText, but bitmapFonts are huge in size (especially Japanese). Can someone help me finding the an
  6. Hello everyone! I am experiencing problems with Phaser.Text and WEBGL as renderer. So, i decide to move from Text to bitmapText, because of too much text updates, and causing redraws , but i can't find fonts for Korean and Chinese alphabets.I already found some free fonts for Cyrillic and Latin. I searched for Korean and Chinese, but i couldn't find anything... If someone has any of the fonts above, I will be thankful to share. Thanks in advance !
  7. Thank you @icp .Do you think that some android devices may work better with webgl,instead canvas?
  8. I agree! Thank you @ivan.popelyshev ,always competent answers 👌
  9. yes, console.log(event) .And after log it, the object properties target and currentTarget were with value null,but as i said, from debugger i saw that everything is ok.
  10. this bug was in January, i have no saved screenshots or logs. But nvm, i succeed with the game, and now i saw my question unanswered and i decided to give it a reply, because someone else can experience the same problem.I want to help him to not loose time .
  11. @ivan.popelyshev actually the event fires correctly , the target is correct, i saw it with debugging with chrome, but when i console log the event.target , it says null, and im watching it from chrome debuger that it is not null .It was really strange.
  12. google chrome console says that target and currentTarget are null, but actually they are not . Maybe a chrome bug.
  13. Hello all! I tested my game to some android devices(renderer is set to Phaser.AUTO which finds webgl support and using webgl as renderer), and the performance is really bad, if i swtich the rendering to Canvas, it starts to be much better. Is it safe to detect with uaparser devices, which OS is Android and IOS and use Canvas as renderer?I mean are there a android devices which will fail with canvas ?
  14. Hello everyone! I have pointerover event and i want to get the element i point on (hover on).But when i use event.currentTarget , it is null,also tried with event.target which is also null. Any suggestions ? sprite.on('pointerover',function(event){console.log(event.target,event.currentTarget)}); // target and currentTarget are null
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