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  1. has the "Enter name" functionality in place.
  2. Yes, I can confirm that. For 3.7.94 or lower is working.
  3. makowey


    I have same issue with the sounds, using m4a format.
  4. Hello, any update on this issue? I'm getting same exception: Uncaught Error: Slot not found: name (spine:4426) "spine": "3.8.95" I didn't understand the solution: Where I can find this spine setting?
  5. @enpu Yes. It looks like the maximize/minimize buttons form disappeared. The gray bar from the last capture is from panda editor. Should contains the 3 buttons (min/max/exit). That disappeared when I called the game.system.fullscreen(). If the live form is detached will be always on fullscreen mode, if the live panel is reattached back this is shown in his place, but the whole editor is in a full screen mode. My supposition is that the editor should contains some option to exit from fullscreen, like Window -> Minimize/Zoom. My OS taskbar is hidden only when Panda editor is selected/on view.
  6. @enpu Yes, all good on 2.7.1dev branch, thanks. 👍 I have another issue, editor related. I ran the game in detached window mode, with a fullscreen option in the game. The screen had been maximized by calling of game.system.fullscreen(), but now I cannot resize it back as is in attached mode. Same for the editor window. Maybe I missing something. Reinstalled on same PC, same issue. Installed on new PC - okay. Some caches save this fullscreen preferences.
  7. @enpu I did it -> version 2.7.0. I'm getting: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined at Class.parseFont (loader.js:342) at Class.<anonymous> (core.js:932) at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (core.js:932) font[name][cont[0]] = cont[1].replace(/['"]+/g, ''); Thanks
  8. @enpu I tried with this &
  9. Hi, I have a similar issue: game.addAsset('font.fnt'); game.createScene('Main', { backgroundColor: '#00CCFF', init: function() { var info = new game.Text('Informations'); info.addTo(this.stage); var text = new game.SystemText('System text...'); text.addTo(this.stage); } }); I tried with different types of *.fnt (xml, txt formats), same result. Text not rendering. I attached media folder & main screen capture. Thanks for help, Claudiu.