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  1. thx Sebavan its looks nice)) have another question when click on cube i set mat1.emissiveColor = BABYLON.Color3.White(); can i set power/intensity for more mesh shine because if set light.intensity = 1.5; or more emissiveColor almost invisible
  2. i found this mat1.alphaMode = BABYLON.Engine.ALPHA_DISABLE; and if using material alpha cube set to white but I don `t know how much it is right
  3. i want set white diffuse color and my cube will be white like top cube black
  4. Hi all i have simple and maybe stupid question i create simple pg where top cube is blinking black. How can i do the same on bottom cube but with white color? Thx
  5. no sry i not have fix for this how can i detect current browser support webgl2 textures or not for dissable it?
  6. yes its works on many of mobile devices and browsers but on someones its not working like: on xiaomi 1s(android 4.3) firefox not working but on xiaomi 4x(android 7.1.2) with the same version firefox its working good on Samsung S5(Android 6.0.1) default browser not working and iPhone 6(iOS 8.4.1) problem and i think someone another
  7. Hi guys i have a problem with material diffuseTexture here PG or every another PG where used diffuseTexture ( not necessary its must be texture atlas), or loaded obj model with textures on some mobile devices firefox or default browsers i see only black cube without loaded textures (diffuseColor works) but if i set disableWebGL2Support = true textures working good. Can u help me?
  8. hi guys i am super new in babylon and i have some question, when mesh moves behind camera she disabled? any suggestion how to solve it? here is PG sorry for my bad english and maybe wrong theme solved SPS.mesh.alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh = true; :)