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  1. I think I understand. You want the portal system be at the same time an invitation system. Both ideas combined. Recovering the game state from the browser local storage is actually good an no personal data protection problem. I don't really need that ping-pong-persistence I wrote about. So let's forget my text. My (now invalid) concern with method=get was, that going through a portal is something that one player does at one time, and therefore a link that gets seen in the address bar and revisited would be a confusing thing when developing. But when that revisiting the link is on purpose, then it must be a link with get parameters, yes. The locations are meant to be a different issue, ok. But I still don't know how to create two distinct (and valid) locations. How big is the map? How many hosts are there? I guess, there should still be a way that my game asks your game for a new and distinct location, when the player has found a new (and distinct, different from other portals) portal in my game. E.g. it looks doable to me to say there are about maximum 50 (or whatever you think ) portals (maybe planets in rubies) that the average player will go through, so rubies should be able to request plainsofvr.com/index.html#seed=x and seed should be in the range 0..49. When the player goes through the portal, rubies will do location.href = plainsofvr.com/index#seed=0..49, e.g. index.html#seed=15, and AoR makes a proper location (#host=1234&location=578,901) out of it and redirects to that on its own. And there is still another little problem. I'm tempted to take planets as portals, because landing on a planet and then helping dinosaurs makes sense. But then it's an unbalanced thing overall. When there are 50 portals in rubies, there would have to be 50 AoR maps (planets) that have each only one portal (one space shuttle). So I guess "meaningful" portals are actually bad. The portals should just be generic "ring things" or whatever so that it can be balanced overall. It would also be necessary to look how much time is spend in each game, to get some balance between the games. So, when there is roughly the same amount of portals in each game (because the player should be able to go back through it), then the time needed for the way inside rubies from one portal to another should be the same as in AoR.
  2. I'm not yet really sure if I can get my part good enough, but I want to try it. Here's what I came up with: I think there should be an opaque part ("session", other game knows about internals) and, on the other hand, a transparent part with "shared" variables. "session" means a portal session for linking two places together. So there can be several sessions. The reason is that I cannot really choose meaningful coordinates, and the coordinate range/validity could change or something could be added. So all things should be packed in a session that is opaque to my game, and your game gets nil and decides how to start the new place. That way, one portal (planet in rubies.live) always links to the same place in plainsofvr.com, but it's up to plainsofvr.com what the coordinates and internals are. A field "similar" would indicate which variables are actually the same thing, but named differently in the games. For example when a shuttle in rubies.live lands on a green planet, this would be a portal, and the game would do this: let linking_data = ' "sender": { "session": "abc123", // here: rubies.live session "shared": { "shield": 123, "laser": 234, "cash": 345 } "similar": // sender thinks, vars are similar { "Energy": "shield" } }, "receiver": { "session": nil, // receiver (here: plainsofvr.com) will fill it "shared": { "Energy": nil, "Stone Picks": nil, "Trees felled": nil } }'; Then it creates a form with action = "plainsofvr.com?game_linking.php", method = "post" (because "get" can get repeated and changed), and submits it. The plainsofvr.com server has to set the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header to get the response through the cross site checking. The page changes from rubies.live to the plainsofvr.com game. When plainsofvr.com finds that "shield" is indeed "Energy" in plainsofvr.com, it uses 123, otherwise it uses it's own value. Since it is nil, it has to decide itself. "session" in receiver is nil, that means plainsofvr.com should pick the state (coordinates, etc) it thinks are ok at first. Later, when the player wants to go back to the game he came from, "session" is set accordingly (to "abc123", nil if nil was received). The (my) game stores the session per portal (e.g. planet.plainsofvrsession = plainsofvrsession), and it uses a global plainsofvr_vars to store the (inventary) variables, so they won't be different from planet to planet. P.S: Two things I forgot to say: 1) My game (both games) would expect to get the variables sent back, meaning, your game keeps "shared" (with shield, laser, cash) and returns the values back. Each variable should be sent back the same value as it was received, because sending back new values should be handled via "similar". E.g. your game thinks the shuttle got rammed by a dinosaur and lost shield, then your game would still send back 123 as received, but add "-50" "Shuttle Damage" and create a entry in "similar" ("shield": "Shuttle Damage" for the relative value, or maybe "shield": "New Shield Value" for the absolute value) so that my game can decide that this value should be consirered at the appropriate place. One of the reasons is, our region is crazy on data protection now. I'm not yet (and probably will not) store sessions, ask for cookies consent. So, when your game sends back variables, this would be "temporary storage support" so to say. On the other hand, had I only a session, then I would have to start asking players for cookies (or login, server storage) consent. 2) When variables in "shared" are nil, they can actually be left out. There's probably no need to waste the space.
  3. Ohh, I totally forgot about this. Now I get it. Man.. thanks. That is why "automatic/toggle speed up..."... I think maybe I could try to get the "^" and the "<" button on the same x or y (**), and then allow moving the thumb onto the second button. Or just the automatic speed up when it's mobile. You're really right. (I'm checking for mobile with "pixelRatio > 1", because the other way of checking is a very big regexp on the useragent. meh..) Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you any time... Kind regards.. Edit: ** That was a vague description of different things I did there. Anyway it now looks like this, and the shoot button can react while the thumb is also still on up/down.
  4. Thanks! If by fullscreen you mean it allows to hide the address bar (swipe up) in chrome on android, this is fixed now. Landscape mode buttons on two sides: Did that too, but I'm too clumsy to know where the ideal button positions would be for the thumbs. Automatic speed up, hmm, this would need some conditions maybe. "break": kind of done, there's a pause button now that also sets the speed to zero. You can write it in the rubies.live thread if you'd like to keep things AoR-related here. This is a good idea. Would the link be like plainsofvr.com?map_position_x=12345&map_position_y=12345, or plainsofvr.com?planet=123 or only plainsofvr.com? Maybe ... you should write how you think it would be done the best way. I'm a bad designer in some situations. Sometimes I prefer dead simple things that other people don't like.
  5. Hah, great. I didn't come far but I like the 1/2 jump concept and the look of your game really much. In some countries the place of the Z and Y key is swapped , and then the control isn't that easy.
  6. Oh, the textures are loaded in time? Maybe something didn't work, or maybe I was too picky. Thanks for the PeerJS advice. What's your AoR roadmap? (would be my question) Oh and.. can it be third person, more like "little things"? When I think about AoR (age of reptiles), I feel reminded that I liked the look of Dragon Quest Builder. Not just the polishing, ... the 'non-first-person'. Irrelevant, just some thoughts. My hobby game is rubies.live, I hope I get it to look like Turrican or Cdogs... I mean.. it should offer something. Could be fun. Kind regards...
  7. Whoops I got killed by a Raptor. I see that it is pre-alpha and some trees are just too big to fell them with your hands normally, but the world is cool. It has some modern retro (I mean.. like 2007 mc..) feel. I'm not sure I like being eaten by dinosaurs, but I guess I wanted just to help the big helpless saur and it was my fate. About the trees... is it actually possible to get them not blurry but pixelated from near distance? Some of the blur would be the only thing that I don't like as retro effect, pixels and voxels look just nicer to me. Cool game!! (Interesting what you mention about WebRTC. I wonder if I myself could get any p2p to work between two mobile devices being behind a shared IP in t-mobile, which I use, and what the library for the hole punching would be. I have no idea how to approach anything except Websockets. So, the main point in WebRTC for you is saving traffic costs? I thought it can also be UDP (is it?) and could work snappier or something. Among other things you ask yourself where the AI should be. I personally think, at first, just where the (solo) developer wants it. I'm going to build my hobby games as if everyone on earth was a happy player that just wants fun. Probably you can cheat a lot in it but the cheating mitigation never stops. I really think ... it's ok whatever it is.)
  8. Thanks for the feedback. ☺️ I didn't want to reply/bump my thread without adding something to the game. It now has some basic multiplayer and some bots that walk through the mazes where you're supposed to look for lazer ammo gems. The gems look now more like gems, they look a bit flat now, and they rotate. And I replaced the "landing on planet" text by "go backwards on planet", I somehow thought of a SpaceX rocket, but I suddenly understand that shuttles actually don't do this.
  9. Played it, it's a very nice idea and work. I clicked some uncooperative things and found the comb and not the hair pin. I felt like it because it's a cat story. Doing more cat things would be cool, eat, sleep and recreate, go outside. But I haven't played it enough yet. It doesn't look shitty, just unpolished, it could be drawn again by a professional or with some more time.
  10. 1) I don't know how to place a brick. I clicked on numerous places with leftbutton, in both modes, but it didn't put a brick anywhere. I guess I need to claim my place first? I jumped into some sandbox, I mean a frame made of bricks. Am I supposed to build something or is it more about the ethereum thing and trading something? 2) The jumping with SPACE brought me on a higher level, but gravity didn't pull me back on earth, well, only when moving again. Chrome, Version 67.0.3396.87 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)
  11. It's an awesome game. ... I find level 4 too hard at the moment.
  12. It's fun to play that domino matching game, the first one. I haven't tried the other ones. I don't know any domino game rules yet. So, somehow I think your site could benefit from the tutorials being easier to read. The red shadow of the font makes it a bit difficult to read, the text looks a bit lengthy, and maybe there could be some illustrations. (At least) In "Block Dominoes", it could be made more clear when it's my turn, and when the game decides that I haven't got any matching domino have to pass anyway. I felt a bit overlooked. When it's my turn and nothing on screen moves the cpu goes to over 25% instead of ... mmm.. 0%. I wouldn't notice it normally, but the cpu fan gets loud.
  13. i was unable to start it in firefox, windows 10, adblockers deactivated. clicked and pressed a lot of keys
  14. Looks appealing and artistic, the tutorial would be good because I need to recollect what I know about bees at all. My assumptions now are: I play a queen or sister, the huge bee there is maybe called a supersister (Wikipedia...). A forager will bring pollens to my hive. A builder will increase the number of cells in my hive. At some time new bees will hatch. In a multiplayer game I'll signal my colony to attack. One pollen looks a bit like a honeycomb cell. I don't know what nursing is because all I know about bees is Maya the Bee. The foreager brought one pollen, docked it to my hive, and he disappeared, leaving only his shadow.