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  1. Yeah, cool, didn't thought about that, but is it really necessary, that i select the picture as a DOM element? Can't I load them dynamically (would guarantee a smoother gaming experience)
  2. You meant jsfiddle.net? http://jsfiddle.net/MneR3/
  3. Hi, i tried to figure out how the getImageData()-Function works. After several tutorials i wrote a script to enlarge the pictures pixels in a canvas. here's my code: var canvas = document.getElementById('canvas'); var cwidth = $("canvas").innerWidth();var cheight = $("canvas").innerHeight();if (canvas.getContext){ var ctx = canvas.getContext('2d');}var lvlImg = new Image();var lvlReady = false;lvlImg.onload = function(){ lvlReady = true; ctx.drawImage(lvlImg, lvl.x, lvl.y);}lvlImg.src = 'testbild.png';var lvl = { h: 16, w: 16, x: 0, y: 0};var pdata = new Array(); for(i=1;i<=lvl.h * lvl.
  4. GamerXy1


    Hi all, i wanted to show you some of my games: Some are in Beta, but i think they work as they should ^^ I use only self-written engines, so the games are completely my own work. My actually "best" game is FlipIt: Here you have to click on the buttons until the complete field is illuminated with buttons. The buttons behave some kind of special Then there is "Metrogame": Here you are an underground-planner, who has to rearrange existing parts of rails until the new timetables can be used successfully. "Blueprints": The goal is to arrange all lines on the screen with only c
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