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  1. I have a texture with half red and half blue colors. I would like to show two color selector boxes on the top and let users choose the color for the texture. If the user choose green in the first box the blue color must change to green and the same goes for red color too. I really dont have the idea to do this. Could someone help me in accomplishing this.
  2. To allow users to design the jersey I found out 2 ways. Which one do you think i should choose: 1. Import the complete model and change its texture based on choices. 2. Create another mesh that resembles a pattern and then import it to babylon and shrinkwrap onto the complete model. Please help. If my question is incomplete please let me know
  3. I am new to the graphics world and have very less knowledge in 3d designing. I hope u guys will help me out. I would like to create a website tht allows users to design football jerseys. I downloaded a 3d model of a footballer for blender and im planning to export it to babylon.js. I would like to allow my users to change the patterns of the jersey ( eg: striped or dotted) by choosing from a pattern list. Can I import only the patterns from blender and overlap on the 3d model or will i have to import the whole model itself. Please give me ur valuable response. Also let me know the topics that i shud study thoroughly.