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  1. I see, thanks a lot ! Passing variables as parameters could maybe come in handy for some circumstances but I will be able to do what I was planning to with RenJS.logicManager.vars for now. Keep us informed about the forum, I'll gladly be a part of it and if I can help in anyway by reporting bugs I encounter, that would be great ! I hope your project sparks the attention of others, from what I've seen now it seems really well done and could be the root of some great visual novels 😊
  2. Oh my god, thank you so much for the quick response ! I've been spending too much time trying to fix a syntaxe mistake, ahah ! Of course we'll be crediting you, I'm hoping to code this game with a friend of mine, might take a while but we'll get there 😊. I'll check out the Quickstart code, I was indeed only using the tutorial as reference. Are you still working on the documentation ? I remember it said it was still in construction a while back but it seems much more complete now. Is there a place where people can chat about your engine and ask questions ? I don't wanna spam this thread and bother you everytime I don't know how to read a documentation 😂 Thanks again ! Edit : I'm now trying to pass a variable as a parameter in my function but I get "{genre: null}" when I would have wanted something like "{genre: boy}" or just "boy". Is it possible to pass variables as parameters ? I know my variable is not null, I used a "says" action in my yaml file and it displayed it correctly.
  3. Thank you for creating RenJS, it is exactly what I was looking for ! My end goal is to make an online dating game separated in several episodes and I think I can use RenJS to achieve that, would you be OK with me using your engine in that way ? I also have another question concerning the call action. I tried calling a custom function but I always get the same error in my console logs : Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: RenJS.customContent[actor] is not a function Here is how I call my function : - show deuzi: normal - deuzi says: La variable est à {genre} - call get_variables: - param1: parametre - deuzi says: La fonction a été exécutée And the CustomContent.js file : RenJS.customContent = { get_variables: function (params) { console.log("get_variables function called "+params.param1); RenJS.resolve(); } } I don't know if that could be the source of the problem but I am executing this code inside an iframe, the files are in a folder in a Wordpress theme and I call the index.php within an iframe on my frontpage. If anyone knows how to help me , I would be very thankful !