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  1. Nice test @Wingnut. I agree that the string length has way too many shortcomings to be a solution. I will dig around and see if we can find any source for how other platforms handle rect sizing with dynamic text content.
  2. You could either use the inspector: or console.log(myObj.material) to look at what materials are coming in with your mesh without putting a new StandardMaterial onto them. My guess is that they are coming in with materials and you just need to set the alpha on them. If you could upload the myObj.babylon file I could take a look.
  3. That was going to be my next suggestion. Nice work!
  4. Hey, I believe you want to change the alpha on the material for the mesh, not the mesh itself. So your code would look something like this: BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "textures", "myObj.babylon", scene, function (newMeshes) { var myObj = newMeshes[0]; if(myObj.material) { myObj.material.alpha = 0; } });
  5. I completely agree with you on the unfamiliarity @Wingnut. I'm sure with more time I will be able to craft more complex GUI layouts that would fit my needs. I think my specific issue lies with having more control when dealing with arbitrarily sized text fit around other fixed UI elements (something my application works with constantly) ((something we could also change the design to avoid)). If you can master-craft a TextBox with a fixed width, that can be filled with an arbitrary length of text and have another UI element (say a button) directly bellow the text, then I would be set! I appreciate all of the feedback, and I certainly plan to keep learning this framework. Thank you.
  6. I would like to contribute to this project in any capacity I have to do so.
  7. I have been spoiled in Unity with MaterialUI layouts and content fitters...
  8. That works, unless I want to stack other UI elements below that text (I would like to). The bounds of that TextBox do not fit tightly around the text content correct?
  9. If you mean like this: then yes, but more fancy. I can make do with what is available now. The existing code-base is greatly appreciated. Is more complicated GUI infrastructure high or low in the priority list? (or does just no one want to tackle it?) Thanks again for the time.
  10. @Deltakosh Thank you for the reply. Yep, I realize that I would have to do something fancy to maintain appearance and resolution (per character). One option I had considered was using a monospaced font and using multiple textures for longer labels, but hopefully the screen-space labels are acceptable. While you are here, am I missing some functionality of GUI/TextBlock where text could have a fixed width and an adaptive height? I guess one could do something hacky with measuring text and inserting newline characters into a text block that has resizeToFit set to true.
  11. @Wingnut thank you for the reply. These forums have been extremely helpful in getting up to speed with BabylonJS. It is a very pleasant environment. I am working to essentially remake some existing software in BabylonJS (since it has unbelievably faster load times than Unity WebGL builds). So I am trying to re-create it as faithfully as possible, but I had conceded the world-space labels for screen-space labels like the ones you showed. I just figured I would post on the forum and see if I was missing some "easy win" for world-space labels. I am starting to see a reoccurring trend of having issues dealing with dynamically sized text in GUI elements. From digging around in these forums GUI infrastructure design/work seems to be a rabbit hole. Maybe someday I can contribute to that, but that seems like it would be far off.
  12. PG of what I am trying to accomplish: Feel free to tell me if I am doing dumb things. I am new to BabylonJS and want to learn. Thank you.
  13. I am trying to do dynamic 2D text rendered in world space. I have seen old posts related to this: However, these seem to be based on deprecated functionality. I have used AdvancedDynamicTexture.CreateTextureForMesh() with planes, but I have achieved non-ideal results in terms of text clarity/clipping/stretching (due to varying text lengths) ((also probably due to my ignorance)). Did the WorldSpaceCanvas2D functionality disappear with Canvas2D? Coming from Unity development 'world space' and 'canvas' are comforting words. If there is any functionality in BABYLON.GUI that I am missing I would greatly appreciate a point in the right direction. Thank you.