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  1. this works for the collision layer for arcade. collisionLayer.setCollisionByExclusion([-1]);
  2. this works in arcade. this.physics.add.collider(player, npcs, collide, null, this);
  3. I have also Tried converting to arcade, and I can't assign collision with the NPCs or the collision layer. let map = this.make.tilemap({key: 'map'}); let tileset = map.addTilesetImage('magecity'); let DynamicLayer = new Phaser.Tilemaps.StaticTilemapLayer(this, map, 0, tileset, 0, 0); player = this.physics.
  4. So I am working on my just general knowledge of how phaser works, I have only done two tutorials. But I think I have a decent grasp on it so far. But I am running into a little problem, I am trying to use the Follower object, so that I don't have to create the vec2 and attach it, but I don't seem to understand the documentation or what it means by "If this Game Object is enabled for physics then this property will contain a reference to a Physics Body." I have scoured the docs for hours. I see how to 'enable' in arcade physics but I cannot find any reference to how with impact physics. I am ab
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