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  1. ok I fixed my bug... thanks for help
  2. So as I said if _isBlocking is set to true nothing will render right?
  3. So how can anything with diffuseTexture be ever rendered if isBlocking is always true? Look at the function here: Babylon Standard Material this will always return fals resulting in failing to render any mesh.
  4. Hi, I encountered really weird situation with texture's property isBlocking. At start of the program everything works well but after I dispose enginge, scene...well everything and I start over and try to create texture again the property _isBlocking is always true so none of the meshes using that texture doesn't render. How does this property work, when does the engine should change this property to false ? (Texture constructor sets it to true).
  5. You are probably the most hard working person I have ever met @Deltakosh
  6. @aWeirdo For some reason typeScript can't see the overwirten property. So I guess I'm off to casting to any.
  7. Wow thank you for the help. @aWeirdo I didn't even know that's possible like this.
  8. I know, it would be great if I could do it but I can't use _hasAlpha because the build won't pass. It's an error because it's private.
  9. Recently I enountered an issue with texture has alpha performance. Public attribute 'hasAlpha' is 100 times slower than '_hasAlpha'. Does anyone know why is that and if there is a way to easily fix it? I can't release code to production with private attribute setter. I made two playground to show the problem. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#9FMJCS - public hasAlpha 80411 ms http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#R8QY81 - private _hasAlpha 787 ms
  10. @sable That was just perfect for my usage Now I only need to understand it and everything will be fine.
  11. I'm doing line-plane intersection to pick a point on a plane I need. but if I just change the target of the camera to it camera will rotate right? So it won't look smooth. What I need is to make it look like you are constantly watching from the top or the angle you set by rotating camera. I don't want extra rotation from zooming.
  12. Did anyone mabey try to make ArcRotateCamera zoom to mouse position instead of middle of the screen? If not is that doable with that camera or should I work with another one?
  13. But I think grid should always be transparent with lines well visible. background = null doesn't work. It will still render background.
  14. Great! I hope to see it on npm soon
  15. I need to create scalable grid like the one on image. I thought about placing it on fullscreen gui so I won't have to create gigantic mesh but I have no idea how to use GridMaterial on BABYLON.GUI in a way it would work and be displayed. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Nevermind...I just found of that I didn't dispose my old box mesh...
  17. Hi, I'm using a lot of CSG to cut shapes from mesh and I just noticed that meshes aren't beeing disposed in my project. I have created playground where everything works fine but for some reason in my project If I try to dispose merged mesh as a last step the mesh is never cut out. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#FT3PIY Here everything works fine, my code is basically the same but doesn't work 😕
  18. Any idea when will 3.3 come out as npm node module?
  19. So I've just noticed that I don't have Grid in BABYLON.GUI module. https://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/gui#grid Was it added in 3.3.0 ? I'm using 3.2.0 babylon and babylon gui.
  20. So ultimately I've went with slightly worse idea. I created 2 engines and 2 canvas overlaying. It works great now.
  21. I understand these. @Deltakosh I know that the plane is over. My question is can I somehow ignore the plane and pick cube without ignoring button too?
  22. If you look at this https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#UHSQB9#3 you can see that you can press only on object that are visible in camera that is at index 1 of scene.activeCameras.
  23. I've just encountered another problem. If I have 2 cameras with set layers and I push them to scene only one camera will handle the picking. So If I push camera that watches the cube 1st then I can interact only with plane that is attached to camera or cube. If I push another camera 1st I can interact only with objects visible in this camera and buttons that I places on the plane attached to camera watching cube aren't dispatching any events.
  24. Not really. The code is quite vast. All I can do is provide you with the setup of gui and mesh. And as you can see you can press button but can't press cube. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#UHSQB9