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  1. Bizarrely, this is still my most listened to track on YouTube, and it's also the one that makes the most use of auto-tuned dog howls. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgAZo2b9Qj8
  2. If you're a Twitter person, I highly recommend following EvilArtBunny Studios, where you can see clips of the upcoming full launch of Alchemist's Mountain and even hear little bits of brand new music. https://twitter.com/evilartbunny?lang=en
  3. Little Lost Robots by Evil Art Bunny Studios. Check out the full OST to Little Lost Robots, available on Steam! Did you know you can listen to the whole Little Lost Robots OST on Spotify? Have a look!
  4. LOOKING FOR WORK Here's an orchestral piece I made in the style of John Williams. https://youtu.be/CZiqDVbuvok
  5. https://www.danieldocherty.net/ Hi, My name is Daniel, I'm a Professional Composer and Sound Designer from Glasgow, Scotland, based in Pennsylvania. I make music and sound for video games, apps, film, and visual novels. As a multi instrumentalist with years of experience making music for games, trailers, and a variety of pop music, I can quickly produce professional quality and memorable music, from dramatic cinematic scores to cutesy sci-fi 8-bit jazz reggae. Get in touch if you need a composer who's willing to go that extra mile to make your project's sound as arresting as it should be. I have experience with many different DAW's, Unreal, Wwise, and FMod, and am a keen learner for C++. To discuss how I can help your project, simply email me right away at danieldochertymusic@gmail.com, or add me on Discord. Thank you for your time! Daniel. https://www.danieldocherty.net/ Cardcade https://youtu.be/WmAPdcd2-FQ Dinosauria: Confinement https://youtu.be/f0uS3GKTCTc Alchemist's Mountain