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  1. @Sebavan thanks for your reply, actualy I'm wondering too how i'll solve this
  2. Hi to all.. I hopefully everybody is fine.. I'm tryed to do create highlight effect and i've done it easly, it was very quick; and i know this effect not apply to the transparent meshes (i've read HL part so many time). But my issue is that... I've some pictures designed like buttons, and those pictures atteched to each other while designing. (Seems like one mesh) I was created some invisible boxes on front of all those button pictures and i given action them, they are all together clickable and working fine. No problem in there.. But i want to create highlight effect
  3. Hi guys good mornings and evenings.. I know Yagmur's problem, she is my colleague, i'm writing just for detail information. She is try to do save the page from the context lost error. For this case she found the rebuild methot, and read documents; however she caught, she needs yours helps.
  4. @Sebavan Thank you guys you are legend... I learned one more thing about BJ.. @Wingnut corner = köşe with dots thanks..
  5. Hi @Wingnut; Thanks for your reply. Nice to see you again.. I'm waiting a suggestion from masters for the solution. Thank you..
  6. Hi to all, you beautifull peoples; I'm here with other one crazy question and i need your help.. I working since last week about this issue but i coldn't solved this.. First of all my PG link: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#113717#2 Please check corners. I'm using PlanePanels and 3 buttons each corner, and positioning with TransformNode. At the PG working well, it seems no problem in there but when i came at local it's not the same.. As you can see at picture below.. How can i fix this issue i need your ideas and guideners.. Thank in advance..
  7. Hi everyone; https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#HB4C01#57 Is it possible to rotate the part on the bottom right in this example to form a corner? //solved https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#HB4C01#58
  8. @ssaket thanks for your reply. I'm trying to do this with TransformNode.. When i did i'll let you know.. Thank you...
  9. Hi.. Thanks for your reply. I tryed your suggestions but it's not working like i want. I want to rotate control arround Y axis; I'm keep trying for this. I mean about "3 buttons should be work like one button" : I try to make special shape button like a corner. For this case 3 buttons will be enought but those 3 buttons sould be work like 1 button. Example: when i bring cursor to on any button i want to see all buttons (3 buttons) should be colorise.
  10. Hi everybody... I readed many documents but i couldn't find any thing. I'm trying to do rotate PlanePanel, i'm using "orientation" for this but how to using "orientation" i coulnd't find any sample at PG. my PG link: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#HB4C01#48 I have to rotate this panel and also those 3 buttons shuld be work like one button. How can i do this. Masters can show me the way?
  11. Hi again.. Have a good day and evenings With code can we detect babylon file size (like MB), and item count inside of the babylon file?
  12. Hi everyone.. Have a good mornings and eveninghs... As i said at title, how we can handle babylon libraries loading progress? I mean: For example cannon.js .. When cannon.js installed on browser, i want to write "cannon.js installed" to the text area or between of div tags... I'm trying this below code on html file, but it seems not working.. <script type="text/javascript"> document.getElementById("textArea").innerHTML = "cannon.js Installed"</script> How can i do this action? Anybody can help me about this? Thanks in advance
  13. @Deltakosh thanks for your support, i did it. It's working fine.. I have little js problem now, but i will solve it.. thanks...
  14. @Deltakosh thanks for your quick answer. I'm already using the function you suggest to hide the installation screen. But my main problem is in loading screen downloading and streaming progresss. I'm using importmesh method for this action and also i'm using second parameter for importmesh (for onProgress event) My code is below, with this code i can see size counting (MB) but when size counting finished percentage counting directly showing %100 I want to do this screen like sponza's loading screen.. I'm trying to solve this issue since ten days.. I need your suggesti
  15. hi guys.. I'm here with fresh problem... I'm doing a loading screen i already read document and examine samples and also i did something but it's not enought for me i have a video first; i want to loading and streaming items while video is playing. Video is loading and playing and showing %100 loaded but i waiting so long for opening scene. here my pg link: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#X4UZJP#1 who can somebody show me the way about this? thanks in advance
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