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  1. @enpu Apparently the fbx needs some extra data in the media folder, the bunny.fbx is asking for the http://localhost:3000/media/Tex_ColorPalette.jpg , so is that how it is supposed to work ? We need to save the FBX file without the embedded texture and have it into the media folder ? It will be very helpful if you could release the project of your bunny demo so we can check your implementation of the fbx loader into panda.
  2. @enpu thank you, we will give a try. I have a quick question about the implementation, fbx files can embed the graphics data as a files and do we need to have the files (textures) also in the media folder and the plugin will look for the name into the fbx file and load the graphic file or does the plugin extract the data out of the fbx file directly ?
  3. @enpu Would you mind sharing one of your test fbx which is working ? Really first I would like to make sure that I can see a model with texture displayed before moving on tweaking anything, so far, zero models can load with texture here, all polygons with textuer are transparent, so that is why I would like to confirm we have first a good implementation of the plugin.
  4. @enpu Thabnk you, so I pasted the code, there is no error however it does not load the embedded texture from the fbx file like it should but trying to access some resources which does not exist with a blob (please see image), I have switched to a simple file with just 1 static model and 1 texture, do you have any idea what is happening ? Maybe the connection between the tgaloader with the plugin is not correct ? pylon.fbx
  5. Well, it makes sense to have support for some of the major graphics files format with alpha channel but anyway, I can download the tgaloader.js of course but then where shall I copy paste it ? within the game module ? outside ? in a different file ? Can you please kindly advise? Apparently it is not working when pasted at the top of the main.js file I am just getting Uncaught ReferenceError: THREE is not defined , so I supposed it must be pasted in some dedicated part of the project
  6. @enpu Sure, here is the file attached mech.fbx
  7. @enpu thank you for the 1.6.0 quick update, I will replace the plugin and check again ^^
  8. TGAloader is not available (the engine is saying) when loading FBX, is that possible to add it to the plugin ?
  9. Also I have downloaded the three.js plugin and ran it however i am getting that error see the image below, any idea ?
  10. Hello, is there a way to see the project file of the bunny demo ? I had like to see how to initialize the fbx file and select the correct animation ?
  11. Hello, is there a way in PANDA2 to render on a transparent background so when we embed the game with an iframe, the image will overlay ?
  12. Yes Dynamic font I was making reference when you create only the necessary KANJI at runtime by filling up a texture page, so the KANJI is store as only 1 bit/texel and then you unpack it, you only create KANJI that are currently needed on screen and then remove them when not needed anymore, because having a texture for all the possible kanji is taking too much space, actually in our case, we know which characters will be displayed upfront so probably just generate the texture for those char will be ok.
  13. Hello, is there a way to change the assets folder path ? I would like to put the assets in a separate path than the MEDIA one where the HTLM and JS will be uploaded.
  14. ftguy2018

    Panda 2 Roadmap

    If possible I had like to make 2 requests which are related to desktop/mobile game development : 1) for a universal INPUT fields in PANDA2, we often need to ask the user to input a value text or decimal, ideally a class that will take care of keyboard input on desktop and open a kind of modal windows on mobile so user can click into and activate their keyboard, that class will make the glue so at the end, the game can query the text or value using the same function call without having to think about layout and how the value was entered ^^ 2) Some responsive container framework so we can start to design responsive game layout that will run on both Desktop and Mobile ^^