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  1. Debo

    Creation time

    Thanks Ivan. I will check it.
  2. Debo

    Creation time

    Thanks Ivan! I will check the memory allocation. Right now I am creating elements before the first launch to reduce this launch time. But I thought this is not the correct fix and I should ask proper way to fix this to the experts. I am creating bitmap font and some bitmaptext components before my app. But I have noticed that if I remove all bitmaptext completely then my app launches comparatively fast. What else I can do to launch and render all my bitmap texts fast? Also could you please give me some pointers on which extra objects Pixi creates in renderer and how I can reduce them. I know there are limitations since you can not access my box but any direction would be great help!
  3. Debo

    Creation time

    Hello, I am working on a low end box and I have created Pixi application which will render around 60-70 sprites out of them 50 are created from same texture and around 100 bitmap text components. My issue is after box boots up my app takes around 4 to 5 seconds to render every thing on screen. But if I exit and launch after 5-10 min then it renders in 2 seconds. What could be the reason? Does Pixi cache components also and that's why second launch creation time reduced? How can I improve my first launch creation time and match with second launch creation?
  4. Thanks Ivan! I tried it on my mac and able to generate texture from masked sprite. But couldn't compare the performance. Tomorrow I will try it on box to check the performance.
  5. Hi I am trying to crop a texture coz I need to show posters with rounded corners. Texture size is 400 x 300. With following code it crops texture width and height but not cropping the corners. var texture2 = new PIXI.Texture(imgtexture, new PIXI.RoundedRectangle(0, 0, 350, 200, 20)); I don't see any difference in results if I use above code or below code. var texture2 = new PIXI.Texture(imgtexture, new PIXI.Rectangle(0, 0, 350, 200)); Any idea how can I achieve this? I could use mask but I have to render 7 - 8 rounded rect posters and I think using mask for each poster will be expensive.
  6. Hi Samme, Thanks for replay. I was also expecting the same. But every time I set cacheAsBitmap False and then True the memory on my box increases by 20 mb. Am I missing any flag?
  7. I have two sections on screen. when ever I am focusing on one section I am setting other sections cacheAsBitmap true. My problem is when ever I am toggling focus every time it is creating new texture and memory is going up. Is there a mechanism to delete texture created by cache as bitmap whenever I am setting cacheAsBitmap false?