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  1. Hi all, I cannot add a group in an another group. for example; var mainGroup=this.add.group(); var subGroup=this.add.group(); var bg=this.add.sprite(200,300,"background"); var bonusImg=this.add.sprite(200,300,"bonusImage"); subGroup.add(bonusImg); subGroup.add(bg); mainGroup.add(subGroup); This was working on Phaser 2 but not working on Phaser 3. Is there any way to solve it?
  2. Ah yes I realized after posting here and posted also Phaser 3. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, Is there an equivalent of "addToFileList" in Phaser 3?
  4. Hi everyone, Is there an equivalent of "addToFileList" in Phaser 3?
  5. Hi all, I need to display a large image and dynamically hide sections of it. I already use masking to specify which parts should be displayed. The code I use to achieve this is in the form: this._topMask = game.add.graphics(0, 0); this._topMask.drawRect(0, 170, game.width, vm.ActiveGameHeight - 320); this.defaultGroup.mask = this._topMask; This is useful in that it gives me a rectangle within which the image renders. Now I need to dynamically block sections of that rectange and create areas that are not rendered. Ideally, I would like to be able to create
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