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  1. I need help. I have a some object like this. It's mesh of spaceship. And when i try add rotation, babylonjs give some error: Object structure. Object is 3d model imported from babylon file. (converted from blender3d) What i do wrong? Thanks!
  2. Hello everybody! Help Wanted. It does not work to realize this kind of camera.You can somewhere at least a similar example on BabylonJS?
  3. Hi! Tell me please, is it difficult to implement the control of the ship as a link in the video? Tell me how to proceed? Or examples that can push the right path. I've been trying to copy this control model for two days already.
  4. Sebavan, this is awesome! Thanks!
  5. Sebavan, can you give example in BabylonJS context? Not working for me facingMode
  6. That's great. Thanks! Can i change webcam source? For ex: front camera, back camera
  7. I have to use a safari. For tests, I took chrome, mozilla, safari. Chrome and Mozilla do not give errors, but they do not work either. In BabylonJS safari requests access to the camera and that's it. As for access to the camera in the threeJS then everything there is working in a safari. Chrome and Mozilla also do not work with demos on threeJS where you need access to the camera. In babylonjs Chrome and Mozilla do not even request access to the camera. The problem is not only on one of my devices. I tested on different iPhones. UPD: Now tested on Android and everything works. I think my question is closed, I'll have to use another device. Thanks to all!
  8. I correctly understand that it is impossible to babylonjs? This example: works fine with the iOS camera, but only in the safari. I would like to develop it in babylonjs.
  9. These examples work. The video-texture does not work from the webcam of mobile device.
  10. I getting code from this example. This example not work on IOS (safari) to .
  11. Hi! I have a code: var myVideo; // Our Webcam stream (a DOM <video>) var isAssigned = false; // Is the Webcam stream assigned to material? var videoMaterial = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("texture1", Game.scene); videoMaterial.emissiveColor = new BABYLON.Color3(1,1,1); // Create our video texture BABYLON.VideoTexture.CreateFromWebCam(Game.scene, function (videoTexture) { myVideo = videoTexture; videoMaterial.diffuseTexture = myVideo; }, { maxWidth: 256, maxHeight: 256 }); // When there is a video stream (!=undefined), // check if it's ready (readyState == 4), // before applying videoMaterial to avoid the Chrome console warning. // [.Offscreen-For-WebGL-0xa957edd000]RENDER WARNING: there is no texture bound to the unit 0 Game.scene.onBeforeRenderObservable.add(function () { if (myVideo !== undefined && isAssigned == false) { if ( == 4) { Game.videoLayer.material = videoMaterial; isAssigned = true; } } }); But video not playing in ios browser (safari). Access to the camera was authorized. What i do wrong? Thanks.