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  1. @jonforum Works like a charm! Thank you so much, I owe you something Have a nice day!
  2. @jonforum Thank you alot dude! I will try it out in the next days/week and tell you whether it worked out
  3. Ah, I've been in contact with him already, I guess I'll just report this issue on github then.
  4. I am trying to write a plugin for RPG Maker MV, which uses Pixi.js. The problem may be an incompatibility, but I have asked several people now and I just don't know where else to ask. The PIXI Version I tried it on was 4.5.4 Kreaturen.Kampfsystem.StarteKampf = function () { // Kampf Übergang for (var i = 1; i <= Kreaturen.Kampfsystem.KampfÜbergang.AnzahlFrames; i++) { Kampf_Anfang.frames.push(PIXI.Texture.fromImage(Kreaturen.Kampfsystem.KampfÜbergang.Pfad + i + '.png')); } Kampf_Anfang.anim = new PIXI.extras.AnimatedSprite(Kampf_Anfang.frames); console.log(' Kampf_Anfang.anim: ', Kampf_Anfang.anim); Kampf_Anfang.anim.animationSpeed = 0.5; Kampf_Anfang.anim.loop = false; Kampf_Anfang.anim.gotoAndPlay(0); // force reset frame Kampf_Container.addChild(Kampf_Anfang.anim); SceneManager._scene.addChild(Kampf_Container); Kampf_Anfang.anim.onComplete = function() { console.log(88888) Kreaturen.Kampfsystem.KampfAktiv = true; } } Everything works fine, the picture gets displayed but the animation just doesn't play... And because of that the .onComplete function never triggers Does anybody have an idea why this may occur?