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  1. Make sure that your another js file is loaded before you start the which state. Then uses a function to return your values. Tip: Learn to use git and github to make it easier to help you or just format your code using the "Insert Code Snippet" button.
  2. Can you print your directory tree? Something like this:
  3. I think that now it is solved now. Try again (clear your cache before) or just clone/download the github repo (source code) and try locally.
  4. Here is working normally Clone or download the github repo and try locally.
  5. Hello! At the beginning of the year, I have a plugin to manage behaviors (based on construct 2) in Phaser games. Now I'm creating some behaviors. Please feel free to help me with testing or feedback. The plugin: (How to install and use on README) Some behaviors: (see the Pull Requests too) Check out demo game using "bevahiors": (see the file game.js)
  6. Try my Behavior Plugin and create better modules to your game.
  8. For server-side I recommend (paid) or (free)
  9. Behavior Plugin A plugin based on behaviors of Construct2. see the repo for usage and demo:
  10. Sometimes my sprite don't collides with the layer. Look: Why???
  11. How do I prevent a sprite keep colliding after I called sprite.kill()?
  12. I solved. Thanks everyone for all help.
  13. But an immovable can't collides with another immovable.