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  1. I found an other solution to solve this problem. In the Skin modifier, the biped Footsteps bone make fail the skeleton export. Be sure that you have no vertex influence with this bone and remove it in your Skin modifier.
  2. Ok i found the solution. I removed my skin modifier, collapsed the unwrap UVW modifier and reset xForm the mesh. Then I just added the skin modifier (and only it) and the export worked good. Thanks for all your works. I'm often here, reading a lot of problems and trying to solve my own ones. Good day/night/afternoon/morning.
  3. Hi everyone! Sorry for my mistakes in english, I'm french.^^ I'm begining to work with BJS and i have the same problem as Xeonzinc during the skeleton export with a skinned mesh => "Exportation cancelled : object reference not set to an instance of an object.". I work with 3dsmax 2019, could it be the problem? I saw that the last version of the 3ds Max Exporter is for 3ds Max 2018. Can i send my .max to someone? Thank you in advance.